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    Hai Everyone! I’m Zebb5 and I decided to make a name crew for webkinz names, I know how hard it is to make creative and unique names for ur pets. Here you can post what type of pet u have thats needs a name, and random names. If you want to join please ask me because there might come a time where we are full. If you want to join tell me a bit about you .(I like getting to know people) And if you dont get in dont be mad u never know I might need u. Have a Happy Holiday!

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      Could I help.-Snow

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        Oh my gosh!! Of course you can! Let me say in think your one of the coolest people on webkinz news! Oh and thanks for the gift from the raffle! I am so happy in posted on my forum! I hope I don’t sound like a crazed girl

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          oh you are fine. We all have our (sorta) fan girling moments. Thanks for the complement I think you are one of the coolest people as well. And for the raffle I was exited drawing the names.- Snow (the nerd)

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            Thanks for the complement that was really nice

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          Can I join? What is your user, zebb5? If you count me in then I will give you a Roadster Go-Cart (rare) a loading lounger (rare also) sapberries (an adventure park prize) pink crystal flower (rotate the flower when in your yard to watch it change) a pretty poodle vanity (the poodle’s special item) an elephant fountain (valued item) or any other request :)-bubblewrap

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      I think I’ll name her Eclipse (even though it might be common) I like it. Thanks

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        Yay I’m glad u like it! I searched up what it looks Like and I thought it looked like Eclipse.

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      Yup, questions just like that! I have a signature barn owl as well her name is Hershey Kiss. Any who here are some names: Leo, Soren, Jake, Logan, Marv, Marc, Noah, Jacob, Richard, Casper, Luke, Percy, and I just have to say this….. Doctor Who =P. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a great amount of names but u can ask any one else here ( True2myword) Bye!

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      Names for a male Signature Barn Owl, and nothing like ‘Whosworth’ or anything like that, please. Thanks! Oh, and as for your naming group, what kind of information? Like, things I like, or where I would get my names from? Anyway, have a nice day! :D

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      Hai! So here are some names: Celestia, Luna, Moonbeam, Eclipse, StarBurst, Sorell, Loral, Dovea, Violet, Dina, Mystic, Majenta, Mystical, Amethyst, TwilightSparkle. The last one was a My Little Pony: Friendship is magic name .-. Hope u enjoyed one of the names, they arent the best :/

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