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    Yep, they have several ducks! I love the white plush with the cute little pink cheeks. Also, are you new here? I’ve never seen you comment here before.

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    I’m proud to have blown your mind, moonie. >:) And oh, thank you very much. I absolutely ADORE this Ladybug Uncooked sticker. I know a 7-year-old husky who would LOVE this! Is it alright if I give it to her?

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    Random, but has anyone noticed that in the KinzPost the stickers are ordered alphabetically? Alyssa, Amanda, Beach1, Beach2, Beach3 Beach4, Beach5, Birthday, Blue Heart, Bubbles, Butterfly, Chihuahua, Cow, Crown, Cupcake, Diamond, Dog with a bow in her hair, Fast food1, Fast food2, Fast food3, Fast food4, Gift, High heel, Hippo, LadybugUncooked, Lion, Lolipop, Magic cloud, Magic W, Magic wand, Magic hat, Moon, Moonberry, Movies1, Movies2, Movies3, Movies4, Nafaria, Paint, Perfect Pear, Pink bear, Pink heart, Racecar, Rainbow, Spree, Star1, Star2, Star3, Toucan, Trading Cards, Travel1, Travel2, Travel3, Travel4, Tulip1, Tulip2, and then some holiday themed ones. I assume the Christmas ones are Xmas? These are all just guesses lol and I’m betting it’s the same for the paper too, not just the stickers. Anywho, thanks for reading this! You can tell I’m obviously bored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Hello! How is everyone doing on this lovely Thursday? :)