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    My, my…. WHERE DO I START!? Okay. So I have had a rough school end of the year. I went to the school I am going to. They have a 3D PRINTER!!!!!! “GA GA BALL Court” OMG I LOVED that school xD (Any school is better than Online school.) I was really sick. 2 days ago…. I started to get hives (You know a allergic reaction..) My hands aren’t as swollen as yesterday….. my feet are…..(I can’t walk…. stand up…. nothing…Just sitting bed. With my Phone…that is on 20%…..I have been up since midnight…) I went to the hospital ER. They gave me some weird meds. (NOT TASTY.) I am very bored….. Okay, well…. Cya….. ~Tails

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    Your Welcome!!!

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    xD IKR best SONG EVER!!!!

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    *CLAPS* PREACH!!! “Just even making an announcement when you log into Webkinz World, could promote children of various ages to take part and celebrate our home.” I so agree on that! I like the trash thing in the park (in webkinz world) I have seen how trashed up my local park is I wish we (We, as in the local people of my neighborhood) could do something about it!

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    I am SOOOOOO glad your Back! I can’t really tell you cuz’ (I myself have been gone awhile due to my tests…) I don’t know.

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    I know right! I name all my pets after my favorite TV show! xD CrazyCat743 copied me though…I am going to start a Youtube Channel when I turn 12!!!!! Awesome right! I’ll subscribe you channel!!! Kewl~ Ya know! ~Tails

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    Luffy: NO! Zoro & Ginger are my CREW! Chopper: Stuff like that won’t make me happy ya, weirdo~! Franky: He looks happy to me! Zoro: *sigh* I can see why you would want me but, not Ginger. I am stronger than her. Ginger: *Raises Fist & hit Zoro* WHAT WAS THAT!?!? Zoro: OWWWWWWCH!!!!! Nami: Yep, The Log Pose helps a lot! It is rough navigating in New World! Especially with Luffy as our captain! HE ALWAYS WANTS TO GO TO THE TERRIBLE PLACES! T•T Luffy: Hahahaha! LET’S PARTY!!! •○•○Bink’s Sake Starts playing & everyone is dancing○•○•

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    Hmmm, I have a question!? What music do ya like!? Do ya wanna be friends!? Imma my9tail !

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    Ginger: ZORO YOU DRANK EVERYTHING!!!! Zoro: I did NOT! Ginger: Really, where is all the orange juice then!? Zoro: …… Ginger: As I thought!!!! Sanji: Do not worry, Ginger-Chwan. I’ll make ya somthing…. Ginger: MAKE A CAKE! Sanji: Sure, What for though!? Ginger: REALLY!? OMG!!! It’s Luffy’s Birthday!!! Zoro & Sanji: EHHHHHH!? Ginger: Sanji, You make the food! Sanji: Yes, Ginger, my dear. Ginger: Zoro…. Zoro: …. Ginger: ZORO!!! Zoro: Sorry, Zoned out. Ginger: Go get, Nami & Ussop, then go shopping! Zoro: Kay’ Ging!! *•○On The Deck○•* Franky: Luffy, Chopper, Let’s go to the wood and test out my New Toy! Luffy: Yeah, LET’S GO! ANYONE ELSE WANNA COME!?!!! Robin: Sorry, I have my….book to read! yeah, book to read! Ussop: I wanna- Nami: Me, Zoro, and Ussop are going shopping! Luffy: Brook!? Brook: Very Sorry, Luffy-san but I have to practice my violin. Luffy: Aw, Ok! LET’S GO GUYS! Chopper: AYE! *○•TimeSkip○•* Luffy: I wonder where everyone went!? DID THEY START DINNER WITHOUT ME!? OH NO! *○•Luffy Runs to the Dining Hall•○* Luffy: *Opens Door* Sanji: *Flips Light Switch* Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Luffy: BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Zoro: Be thankful…Nami and Ginger would have been mad if you found out…. Ginger & Nami : Like you did on your birthday!? Zoro: >///< Heh…. *○•○•Happy Birthday AvengeKinz•○•○*

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    I like that one! xD PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!

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    Hmmm!? Here are my ideas – Male names – Wyatt, Hunter, Logan, Clay, Carter, Chase, Gavin, or Winston. – Levi, Oliver, Rob Lucci, Robert, Kaku, Henry, Colten, Xavier (or you could use James Xavier as JX) and (I really liked what FrackTail used) Pyro. Female names – Harper, Ava, Lydia, Brooklyn, Zoe, Autumn, Kalifa, and Fukuro. Sorry, my names are a bit corny….

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    Ok. It was just a question. Cya in the park sometime. :P

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    Yo so Could I join!?

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    Hey Pokekinz could I join the pet talk!? ya never answered.

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    I am still in right!? I remember asking. Never got a reply.