Enchanted Goat

Discover eternal wisdom with the sage and thoughtful Enchanted Goat! This captivating pet will weave a spell over you with its charm and timelessness. Be sure to help it look the part of a sage wizard with its own Wise Enchanter Outfit! And when it's time to take a break from inventing new spells, hand them a Beguiling Bagel, the most enthralling snack of all!

8 Responses to Enchanted Goat

  1. prprprprp says:

    Here are my name suggestions for this Enchanted Goat: Wisdom, Enchanting, Charming, Lavender, Violet, Twister, Timeless, Billy, Bob, or Gruff. Hope you like these name ideas! Enjoy! :)

  2. SMHbffs123 says:

    If only it was a plush. Still cute though

  3. perler24 says:

    ummm well LaBriaBrit how did you get your enchanted goat? + very weird pet

  4. LaBriaBrit says:

    I love my Enchanted Goat! I got her as a present along with a few items from the Enchanted Estore room theme. She loves her room and so do I! Great pet Ganz!

  5. aleberle says:

    I wish that this was a regular plush.

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