Mr. Moo’s Ice Cream Gallery!


Mr. Moo loves to sell his special brand of ice cream in the Kinzville Park! You never know when you might see him there by his ice cream stand, but when you do, you can buy a refreshingly delicious treat for your pet!


Here’s a look at the 6 unique flavors you’ll find when visiting Mr. Moo’s ice cream stand:



To learn more about Mr. Moo, you can read an earlier interview with him by Ella WcWoof here.


Have you bought ice cream from Mr. Moo in the Kinzville Park? Which ones are your favorite flavors? What other flavors do you think he should sell? Let us know in the comments below!


125 Responses to Mr. Moo’s Ice Cream Gallery!

  1. nada says:

    Some of these flavors sound gross!!!!

  2. madison123456 says:

    I think Mr.Moo should get some new flavors. Like Jellybean Blitz and plenty of other flavors maybe or maybe limited addition ice cream flavors. Thank you for your time.

  3. NerdKitty567 says:

    If anybody has extras of the Candy Cream, Melty Mango, or Perfect Pear ice creams, I’d really enjoy them. Don’t forget to friend me! WW username is NerdKitty567.

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