Special Message

Dear Webkinz Fans,


Two years ago we came up with an idea. An idea to make some big changes to Webkinz.com to prepare it for its second decade of online fun. That idea was affectionately known as Webkinz X.   Our goal was to give your pets more life and more importance in your day-to-day Webkinz play, and furthermore, reward you for being a great caregiver to your family of pets.


After two years of hard work by the Webkinz team, including many long nights and weekends, Webkinz X has arrived.


What you will see is just the beginning. Over the next few months we will be dramatically increasing the ways to increase your Family Score, and teach your pets new requests so that you have more ways to care for them. It’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone, whether you’re a collector, a gamer, or just like playing in the room.


This first release of Webkinz X does have some issues. We have not made a release this large since… well since we first launched the game 10 years ago. Included in this release is a completely rewritten My Room. This new Room has built from the ground up to give us the ability to add new, exciting features to the Room, many of which you’ve been asking about for a long time.


As part of this rewrite, all 17,000+ items in Webkinz World had to be reworked for the new Room. While we got most of these items to work, some are not 100% perfect yet. Some items are not animating properly and other are missing their images. We know that these will be of concern to you, so we have a team dedicated to making these items right, and we will be making regular updates (every few days) until every item is done.


Please use the links below to see which items are not working properly. These pages will be kept updated with the latest information, so check them regularly.   Additionally, some popular features are currently disabled (Pet Actions) or changed (Gardening) as we continue to make improvements to our new Room. All of these features will be returning to how you know and love them.   Thank you for your patience as we make these important and exciting changes to Webkinz World. The future has arrived!



The whole team at Webkinz World.



CLICK HERE to see a list of Fixed Items



CLICK HERE to see a list of Incomplete Items



CLICK HERE to see a list of Missing Items



If you cannot log in OR if you are logging in and seeing a frozen screen, please follow these steps:

  1) Clear your cache (especially in Chrome). Click here to learn how or on your Chrome browser tab, hit Options>History>Clear History>Clear Cache.


2) Check that your Flash Player is up to date.


3) Re-type your password in the login box to light up the Log In button. Saved passwords won’t light it up until you re-type it.


4) Try a new browser.


5) If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Customer Support at webkinzsupport@ganz.com.

953 Responses to Special Message

  1. LITPUMPKIN says:

    This Webkinz X sounds great, but also to make it better, get rid of the Deluxe Membership. With the membership, Webkinz is like Club Penguin where you can’t do anything unless you have a paid membership. I’ve been a member to Webkinz for almost 10 years, and I loved everything I was able to do. Vacation Island was so much fun, but now you have to pay to be a member to do anything on it. Without the membership, Webkinz was even more unique. It’s also not that you guys don’t make money anymore, you guys have created an empire in the toy industry. Therfore, I don’t see why the Deluxe Membership is vital for your success. People can continue to pay money for the plush, but the Deluxe Membership is quite greedy. Anywho, continue to update Webkinz and make it the best it can be.

    • jmcsweetpea says:

      I am the same way. I have playedthe game for about 10 years now, and I just feel the Deluxe memberships are becoming the thing you have to have just to play. If you are like me I cannot afford something like that. Although I do love the updates the Webkinz team is doing with the game, so keep it up and I will always be a fan.

    • Zeta675 says:

      Agree agree. I’ve been a Webkinz user since 2007 and I find it annoying that I have to pay to get benefits that were once free. Club penguin’s main source of income was from the purchase of memberships, but Webkinz has all sorts of products to bring in enough cash- estore points, merchandise, and let’s not forget the plushies themselves! Ganz has grown a large franchise in the toy industry and I think they could afford to cut back, if not at all, on Deluxe membership.

      • MayMay04Webkinz says:

        I’ve been playing Webkinz since 2009 and literally when Deluxe came out it was just “Hey! You can get more Kinzcash, items and play some games that normal members couldn’t do!” It was a nice deal! Now EVERYTHING is deluxe. It’s just really annoying now.

        • flyingblue4me2 says:

          I’ve been playing since exactly 10 years ago today, and I agree with this whole comment chain. If I may add something to this discussion, they’ve also turned most of the regular membership stuff into deluxe membership. If you’re going to make everything you put out in the future Deluxe, so be it. But leave the rest of us alone. Deluxe members can access that stuff too.

  2. gamepup says:

    Dang it!!!!!! The last time they updated webkinz was the worst! Now it’s so glichy and slow! It’s not my laptop either, it’s webkinz! Ever sense I was about 5 or 6, (I’m 12 now) iv’e played webkinz and loved it! It was my game!!! I had so much money, pets, rooms, clothes, you name it. All without that stupid delux membership. I personly think webkinz NEEDS to get rid of delux and make webkinz good again!!! Take away Webkinz X! Get rid of Delux! Make my childhood happy once more… please. :-( :-( :-(

    • ANIMALARTIST1000 says:

      webkinz was better off without this crazy deluxe membership there’s stuff i really want! but i dont even have any of those estore points its just not fair =(::::::::::::::::::::::::::

      • LuckEMommy says:

        Maybe having a day a month where in curio shop the estore items can be bought with kinz cash…something to offset the insane cost of estore points. I have spent on my girls now over 700 combined end of last month and this month (april) …NEVER again will i do that. webkinz has grown its old players are now getting well..older and still loyal but we have to keep in mind this is a kids game and kids dont make that much money for some its hard enough to buy the toy to get on..and be able to participate. Not asking for anything for free just maybe a little more economical

  3. boolssammii051013 says:

    i need help finding the January treasure hunt clue #3 please help me

  4. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    Wow, it’s been SO LONG since I first saw this post… I accidentlally clicked it today and it was like, memories flooding back… lol!

  5. typeyourpassword10 says:

    thanks that helped

  6. Kitty4045 says:

    My username in Webkinz is Kitty4045 if anyone want to be friends. My pet’s birthday is today and my pet’s buddy is a bunny. Bunny owners look here! Me myself love eggs and loves to sleep and loves summer. I think I am a good friend. Also I love parties!

  7. rosco105 says:

    Where do I enter my secret code to adopt my Webkinz?

  8. maxxyy9 says:

    what do I do!!!!

  9. fidmommy1 says:

    I never get an answer am surprised comments are awaiting moderation so something got fixed

  10. fidmommy1 says:

    also my user name stopped working having to log in with webkinz account

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