A New Season, Collecting Kinzville, Begins on February 18

Our next Season in Webkinz Next is Collecting Kinzville! Starting February 18, transform your home into a miniature Kinzville with iconic rewards such as a Collector Wish Token, T-Rex Statue, the Kinzville Cafe Uniform and more!

If you want to earn extra items, you can purchase a Season Pass at any time for as low as $6.99 USD.

Collecting Kinzville will feature one item that can be sent to your linked Classic account, the Kinzville Town Sign. This item is only awarded to Season Pass holders. Please note, it can be traded in Webkinz Classic but it cannot be traded in Webkinz Next.

All players who finish the Season will earn a Diamond Giftbox which, when opened, will reveal one random premium item. Players with a Season Pass who finish the Season will win the grand prize, a Grand Kinzville Fountain– A large outdoor fountain that, when clicked, sends colorful streams of water into the air!

Collecting Kinzville will also feature a number of Kinzville-themed graphic elements such as avatars and emojis. Don’t miss the first day of the Season—February 18, 2024.


Which prize are YOU most excited about?
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34 Responses to A New Season, Collecting Kinzville, Begins on February 18

  1. astreich001 says:

    personally not a fan. im hoping for summer Olympics season, wedding season, and build your own gym season. or a seven world wonders season :)

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      I agree. When seeing the items, I thought that they were okay, but it’s not something that I would really want to push myself towards getting unlike most of the other seasons.

  2. lemony says:

    Interesting choice for a season but would have liked a Lunar New Year one instead ;) (there is still time)

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      Same here! I remember getting a gift from Next last year, but I was rather disappointed that there was nothing this year that was given relating to Lunar New Year.

  3. steeler86fan says:

    This is a really cool theme!

  4. blackball says:

    Sorry not a fan of this season. Would like items I do not all ready have in Weblinz classic.

  5. BringBackAmazingWorld says:

    Question: Is there any chance that the old Amazing World music will be released for people to listen to? I would gladly buy that

  6. 2002hun says:

    Is there a way you send a copy of the kinzville sign so you can keep it in next but also have it in classic?

  7. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Wow I really like the Amanda Panda outfit thank you Ganz I’m totally going to buy this season thanks again!

  8. EmeraldAutumnWish says:

    Aha, I had been wondering when I could have the Curio Shop’s T-Rex skeleton for my own home! Nice!

  9. Pupwolf says:

    Off topic here, but what ever happened to Farmer Will getting a makeover? It’s been many months since it was mentioned in WKN and every time I see him standing in the snow wearing shorts and flip flops I think he needs pants and boots.

    • 1999hun says:

      I’ve been wondering the same things lol

    • kaye10 says:

      i wonder why we are considering a change to an existing character when there is still NO ONE WORKING IN THE SALON? also, still no entrance into town hall… best, k.

      • crystalfawns53 says:

        I think that all of these are problems that need to be fixed. There really isn’t anyone working at the cafe either, so I think that if there is someone working in the salon in the future, there needs to be someone working in the cafe as well.. But for the town hall, I remember hearing during one of the meetups in Kinzville that they didn’t release the town hall yet because they do not know what to use it for.

  10. grandmaback says:

    Now this theme seems worthy of purchasing the pass. Looks really cool!!

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