A new Season? Let’s go!


Gamers are going to want to hit ‘play’ on the next season in Next, Go Go Gamer!


Featuring awesome gaming-themed prizes, Go Go Gamer lets you earn rewards as you complete daily and weekly tasks. Prizes include room items and clothing plus KinzCash, Diamonds, School Ribbons and Wish Tokens.


There are cool free rewards that are open to all players.



Want even more awesome gaming gear? You can purchase the Season Pass to unlock bonus rewards!



Every Season Pass comes with an exclusive recipe, and this season’s recipe awards a random giant chess piece!



There are also graphic assets including a cute avatar featuring the new plush bunny, a cool avatar background and frame, and emojis!



Season Pass holders can also collect Mystery Capsules. This season’s capsules award adorable items from the new Sweet Stitched theme.



And you’re going to want to buckle up when you see the Go Go Gamer Season Pass Grand Prize, an amazing Space Chase Ride that seats four pets!



We can’t wait to hit the the ‘Start’ button on the Go Go Gamer Season! Which prize are YOU most excited to earn?




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38 Responses to A new Season? Let’s go!

  1. rhymesong says:

    Most of these items are really cute, but I wish there was a way to send more than just the fridge to classic. I have no interest in NEXT, but I’d probably be willing to play a bit for the items if I can have them for my classic room.

  2. Webkinzfan2011 says:

    It be really nice to know if the game controller the gaming console rug, the gamer purple shirt, headphones, tv,trophy pedestial and the rubkix cube can be all tradeable, id really love to have those items for my webkinz classic room… :/

  3. sunnypinksky says:

    I’ve been hoping for a gamer season! The designs are so pretty too. I love every single one of the prizes (even though I’m not entirely sure where to put the ride yet! Oh well, I have time lol.)

  4. BeezKneez says:

    This looks like a great season with fun prizes that may entice me to purchase a season pass. I do have one little complaint and one big complaint. My little complaint is all the graphic assets – I do not use the avatar backgrounds or frames or emojis, even though I know lots of players do. They are just not for me and I wish there was a way to just not collect them. I’ve tried, but at the end of the season I am reminded that I have unclaimed prizes and won’t allow me to continue. My big complaint is the ever increasing randomness of the Bit O Magic recipe prizes. It used to be the recipe made just one prize, then three random ones, and now chess pieces? We don’t get enough Bits O Magic to do this – please award more magic potions, or let us buy more with kinzcash, wish tokens, academy ribbons, arcade tokens. I suspect the randomness is to encourage trading, but honestly, trading is time consuming and not always as simple as you might think.

  5. kalcan8 says:

    *Mouth literally gaping open at the Season Pass grand prize!* YES, design team – way to go! My amusement park that I am slowly building will get a huge boost! I actually really like the look of the cute headphones, and that pass track purple cloak. I look forward to starting this new season!

  6. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    Wow! I am a little scared as I don’t like to play video games and I am afraid to win these great prizes, maybe I will have to score high on games. Just a little scared. I hope it is not to challenging.

    • kalcan8 says:

      Please don’t be intimidated, BoulderPrarieHome. I am not a huge gamer, and I usually do well in most seasons, probably because I login every day and do the daily quest stuff, which is easy. If there’s a game with a score that’s too high for me, I usually skip that challenge, or ask a family member to help. I still get enough points to finish the season, even without checking off the boxes on the more difficult games. Please have fun and enjoy all of the gifts, and definitely don’t stress. :-D

      • BoulderPrarieHome says:

        You are so kind to reply. I had to get my grandson to play the Mazin Run game for me. Does anyone know if the Space Chase Ride will be tradable? I will purchase more seasons if it is tradable. It will be a “hot” trade item.

  7. booreeves says:

    I’m not a fan of this season because it looks boring, but I loved the avatar and the background and the avatar is cute.

  8. KSC says:

    My gamer pets are going to love this season!

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