Adopt a Stache Dache in November


The Stache Dach is our Pet of the Month for November 2017!


The Stache Dach is pleased to make your acquaintance! A classy pet who adores their elegant lifestyle, they’ll often be spotted zooming about town in their immaculate Mustache Mobile! And, of course, this dachshund would never be without an ice-cold glass of Refined Root Beer, a drink fit for the most cultured of pets.


Adopt the Stache Dach in November, and you’ll get a loot bag full of surprises and a Pet of the Month prize you can’t get anywhere else!



And don’t forget—you can get the virtual version of the Stache Dach at the Ganz eStore!




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23 Responses to Adopt a Stache Dache in November

  1. FennecFox says:

    awh so cute <3

  2. DworkinBarimen says:

    I also got the message about it being NEXT month’s POTM. That is a known glitch. If you adopt it you still do get the loot bag.

  3. puppies4me says:

    Ok. How do you say the name of this pet? Stache, I suppose, is said like the word stash. However, Dachshund is not pronounced dash-hound. I even looked it up on line, checking videos of breeders, dictionary entries and audio recordings. Since my keyboard does not have phonetic symbols, I can only best describe the accepted pronunciation of Dachshund as ‘dox-nd. No “dash”; no “hound”; just ‘DOX-ND. I’m not trying to be critical, just informative. And, to honor my mother, I had to submit this comment. My grandchildren and I have many Webkinz plushies and exclusive on-line pets with cute names. I adopted my Sugar and Spice Fawn during the Deluxe sale. Since she is called the Sugar and Spice Fawn, I named her Nutmeg. I mention this just to emphasize the importance of the Webkinz names for pets. And since I have helped my sons and grandchildren to learn to read with phonics and not just sight words, I think it’s important for people to recognize words that are not pronounced the way they look. So, that’s the “long and short” of it. (Dachshund pun intended. LOL)

  4. bubbashuka says:

    The car is so funny! I like it. XD

  5. EmilyCuteHeart says:

    I actually got this adorable Webkinz for my birthday last month. When I was adopting my birthday Webkinz, after I clicked “Next” while adopting Stachie, a pop-up said “You are about to adopt next month’s Pet of the Month! You can either wait till next month to adopt this pet and get an extra special loot bag full of surprises, or adopt it now and not receive a loot bag.” I adopted him then for two reasons: One, he was so cute and I didn’t want to wait to adopt such a cutie! Two, the last (and only) POTM that I adopted (the Mohawk Puppy) never got me a loot bag. I was very disappointed to not receive that loot bag. I’ve never adopted the POTM since.

    • EmilyCuteHeart says:

      This is a very adorable pet, plush and virtual. Having one of my own, it is soft and cuddly and everything about it is awesome! It has those plastic pellet things in its ears, so when you shake it around, you can hear them jiggling in its ears (it’s so cute!)!

  6. LeoGrimm says:

    It’s funny that he has mustaches everywhere EXCEPT on his upper lip.

  7. AmazingPrincess05 says:

    The moustaches look awesome!

  8. TaffyKitty12 says:

    I don’t know why, but I find the PSI (mustache mobile) to be pretty funny XD

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