Adopt March’s Pet of The Month


The Blue Bay Dolphin is our Pet of the Month for March 2018!


The Blue Bay Dolphin is one marvelous mammal! This playful pet needs their sleep after a day filled with fun and frolic, so give them a nap in their very own Brilliant Blue Bed! Once they wake up, they’ll want a snack, so give them a sip of some delicious Sparkling Blueberry Tea!


Adopt the Blue Bay Dolphin in March, and you’ll get a loot bag full of surprises and a Pet of the Month prize you can’t get anywhere else!



And don’t forget—you can get the virtual version of the Blue Bay Dolphin at the Ganz eStore!



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You may find this and much more at eStore!


22 Responses to Adopt March’s Pet of The Month

  1. julieperkins says:

    Cute pet ,I just don’t seem to have as much fun with the water pets

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi everyone! This probably won’t get posted or at least not in time, but the Colossal Movie Screen is at the Curio Shop @ 7:16 PM E.S.T. for 40,000 KC! Good luck rare item hunters!

  3. cottoncandykayla says:

    Its awesome! Who has a birthday in March? Please say in comments, cause i do!

  4. ilovemoonie says:

    Cool! I gotta say, I really like the Blue Bay Dolphin! I have one named Columbus, and he’s really cute! ^-^ Unfortunately, I adopted him awhile back, so I won’t get the loot bag.

  5. FoxesRule612 says:

    The Blue Bay Dolphin is so pretty!

  6. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    The Blue Bay Dolphin is a BLUEtiful pet! I love the PFI because it looks fun to sleep in, and the drink looks SOOOO good! I would like to drink it myself! Except, it’s probably saaalllltaaaaayyy. XP Why is the ocean salty? Because it carries pounds of salt or something like that. I’m surprised that they picked the Blue Bay Dolphin to be March’s POTM. Wasn’t the blue bay dolphin released recently in July or June back in 2016?

  7. bashops2 says:

    I’m wondering: Are the Pet of the Month Loot Bag prizes different each month?

    • Kitterzy says:

      It’s randomized—like getting exclusive items when you adopt a regular pet.

      • dixiecup says:

        No, Kitterzy, they are not random. The exclusive item is chosen from a pool of prizes unique to the Pet of the Month program. It is not like that items in the blue box at all. You get what you get in a blue box which can run from a Curio rate to a 1000 KC coin. The Pet of the Month Loot Bag is more like the Superbed box where you can select something very special from the items.

  8. bubbashuka says:

    Such a cute dolphin!!

  9. julieperkins says:


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