And The Winning Theme Is…



Hello Webkinz Newz readers! Ella McWoof here with a special report. Thousands of you voted for a new Halloween room theme over the past few days and the results are in: The Freaky Forest room theme received the most votes and won!


Here are the official voting results:



Congratulations to everyone who voted for this theme! It will be available to buy in the W-Shop in October.


Remember, keep visiting Webkinz Newz often. We’ll be showing off concept drawings as this theme is being created allowing YOU to leave feedback and offer ideas as to what we should name each item! Our first set of concept drawings will be released right here on Webkinz Newz on Saturday, August 1st.


Are you glad this theme won? What items would you like to see included in this theme? Please leave your comments below…


This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz!


135 Responses to And The Winning Theme Is…

  1. jackamonk2 says:

    I’m happy for the people who wanted the Freaky Forest! It would be really awesome to have the Trick or Treat theme too. It was so cute!

  2. hellokitty1244 says:

    All of them look like wonderful themes! Can’t wait to see the Freaky Forest in October. :)

  3. SpottedfurWarriorCatKinz says:

    Maybe you could name a table Candy Corner. It would also be really cool if you make a new pet to go with this theme like an orange cat with green eyes and super soft fur. The color orange and black cats are usually related to Halloween so why not combine both and make an orange cat. Also, if it had green eyes it would match your forest theme.

  4. Gramkins says:

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS ???? Gramkins

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