Available Now! Where’s Wacky™ for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, head on over to iTunes to pick up Where’s Wacky for just 99 cents!

Great news for mobile gamers!  Where’s Wacky™ has joined the growing list of great Webkinz™ games available on iPhone, iPod and iPad!  Get ready to challenge yourself with this awesome card-flipping memory game to find matching cards and earn KinzCash™ for your Webkinz World™ account!

Best of all you can earn KinzCash wherever you are! That’s right, when you play Where’s Wacky you will still earn KinzCash. When you have an internet connection, just enter your User Name and Password and we’ll send your KinzCash over to your Webkinz account!

Start enjoying Where’s Wacky on the go today!

While you’re there, check out Polar PlungeSmoothie MovesCash Cow 2 and Goober’s Lab available for download at the Apple App Store!

115 Responses to Available Now! Where’s Wacky™ for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

  1. hope1122 says:

    can everyone add me been playing since 07

  2. amy12wk says:

    I play on webkinz every day from 3:40 to 9:00

  3. lindsay says:

    hi i love webkinz it is very fun bye

  4. watson1961 says:

    Wow you look so cute. I want win .

  5. lauren says:

    that look boring

  6. WebkinzRocz says:

    Webkinz, is awesome this is a good websight wow????? :) yaya amazing!!!! :) my webknz is a black lab!

  7. kija8 says:


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