Baby Showcase #1

Check out some of the adorable babies that have recently been sparked on Webkinz Next!

Which baby is your favorite?
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18 Responses to Baby Showcase #1

  1. Sgirl16 says:

    I love the turquoise kitty and was thinking that I might get the gray tabby, and now it is gone? Hoping it is a glitch…although with the new bunny maybe it is the universe saying I should get the bunny instead… I can say if we had control over filling out pet hearts I wouldn’t even have to think about it, I’d get both…but I have felt like I need to really restrain myself, because having to spend at the very least 7 minutes per pets waiting for each pet to make a request is time consuming. I play in the Classic & minimize Next and wait for pet requests to pop up. BUT 9 pets means over an hour…BUT I can fill the hearts of my 60 pets & my daughter’s 28 pets in less than that. I think the requests are great, but if you give prizes for family score, & full hearts mean happy pets, even though it isn’t required, it is something that many people like to do…(hoping more family prizes are coming) I am actually not complaining at all…because it has saved me a lot of money. But it might be something you want to pass on or discuss. I didn’t start playing Classic until Sept. So I was super excited about Next, & really thought that I would be getting in right at the beginning & didn’t have any attachment like many others to the Classic. I just loved everything about Classic & thought that the Next was likely going to be even better because of course we learn as we go. AND I flipping love love love the babies! OMG they make me smile! Anyways, if putting the pets on the treadmill or playing a game would fill their hearts I would have more pets. But having to wait for each pet to make a request & the fact that it goes in the order added to the account, & also that sometimes they glitch is really time consuming & I really have felt like I resist the babies & just adopt pets on Classic. Just thought I’d share this because everyday as I wait for pet requests, and do my classic account while I wait for pet requests, I think to myself, that I am glad I don’t have as many pets as I do on classic, & its a bummer that I feel like I really need to be careful and selective about which pets I decide to use their sparks. Whereas on Classic I have 30+ still to adopt, I just can’t decide on names. Hopefully this is constructive feedback.

  2. Zooooooz says:

    As long as their growth meter is filled (maybe 15 ‘moments’?) :)

  3. annm2990 says:

    love these babies!! Had one, but now mine is a kid and she isn’t growing or having growth moments. How does she become an adult?

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