Baby Showcase #110

Happy Thursday! Can you believe it’s the last day of November? The month has positively flown by! If you haven’t already adopted a Vampire Kitten, today is also the last chance to do so before it leaves the Adoption Center. On the plus side, it’s 20% off!

First up is this delightfully rosy teacup yorkie (I’d probably name Rosehip Tea to go with my naming scheme!), which has this really adorable swirl pattern on its back and delicate pink ears. It also features those lovely blue roses on the front legs, cute tabby green eyes and that adorable red heart pet patch!

Check out this lovely Vampire Kitten! I love how the ears, eyes and feet coordinate, and the tiger stripes on the back is really fun, especially how the orange extends to the ear tips and that stripe on the top of its head. And you know me… I love this pet with a rhino horn!

The next Vampire Kitten has some delightful Pixie Tiger traits, including the signature feathers and that pixie house pet patch. I think the giraffe spots are adorable, as are the rainbow flair on the ears — definitely a unique looking back!

I’m hoping to see LOTS of Gingerbread Puppies in the coming weeks. This cute little baby is the result of sparking a Gingerbread Puppy with a Vampire Kitten, so we definitely have some pumpkin spice going on — and isn’t that just the perfect November combination? The Vampire Kitten eyes look lovely on this dark chocolate body color, and the rainbow flair on the legs adds a nice pop of color.

I love these hybrids so much! This cutie has giraffe ossicones, leopard spots, and a pixie houe pet patch! Those pink ears are super cute, but I love how the lime green eyes match the gooey paws. I may have to spark my Vampire Kitten with my Giraffe!

Speaking of giraffes, this cutie has the Vampire Kitten pumpkin pet patch and some cool giraffe traits, including the lightning back pattern and the heart ears. It’s got pixie tiger facial stripes, rainbow flair on the legs, and cool alien eyes!

Last but not least, this gorgeous elephant has the loveliest body color — and the bunny back patch gives it a nice contrast. The pink tulip is a cute pet patch for this pet, especially with that soft rainbow flair on the legs. The front is just gorgeous with that gradient body color, and I love how the ears and feet coordinate. Such a pretty elephant!

That’s it for this week! Had a discussion with Dorothy Lou and Mandy and we’ve decided to have a spark party on New Year’s Day to celebrate the start of 2024! Stay tuned for more info about that. Which pet this week was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Baby Showcase #110

  1. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Hey, it’s Wacky Kookywoofer! I know them! …man, with their Family score and all their baby pets, they must spend all their free time on Webkinz Next!

  2. kelliann11 says:

    Is anyone with the teacup yorkie having trouble dressing them? When I hit the button to dress him, it works, but he is on the far left of the screen rather than the middle, so it is difficult to see how the clothes look. Just wondering if it’s only my account or a glitch everyone is dealing with. Thanks! :)

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