Baby Showcase #119

Happy Thursday! It’s February 1st, can you believe it? And it’s a leap year, which means the last baby showcase of the month will be on a leap day!

First up is this lovely Pixie Tiger with the night tiger body coloring. This looks so cool with those sapphire eyes, and I’m really in love with those sparkling tiger stripes. It’s fun how the pixie house is blue to match the body color, but I love the contrast from the yellow feathers and pink inner ears.

Next up is this cool elephant, which is purple themed on top and green on the bottom! The body color gradient is more visible on the back, but the theme carries over with the ears, eyes, and the toes. That tetramino back pattern is pretty cool, and I love the little pink macaron pet patch.

This sweet husky is adorable! I love soft ice blue coloring, and the spring fawn spots on the back look more like snow on this baby. The daisy pet patch is subtle, but looks great with those rainbow leg flairs, and the snowy day leg patches and blue shimmer ears makes this the perfect winter pet!

I can’t resist a purple kitty, and this one is no exception. I definitely love the addition of the rainbow flair on the legs, and the Pixie Tiger head pattern adds an interesting bit of texture to the head. What a cutie!

I love this cotton candy lion — I think the tropical leaf pet patch, courtesy of a Gorilla, is extra sweet on this pet. Those intense purple Gorilla eyes look great, too, and the flames on the side of the legs are pretty gool too!

This gorgeous teal Frog has that lovely shimmer tiger stripes back, which just looks so magical. I love the addition of the vanilla scoop pet patch, and you can’t go wrong with rainbow leg flair. The golden retriever’s autumn sparkle eyes are quite striking on this pet, too!

This fun Pixie Tiger has that awesome static back pattern — it’s positively electric! I’m such a fan of the Holland Lop’s eye patch — it gives this pet a serious Lil Rascals feel.

Last but not least, another gorgeous elephant! This beauty was sparked with two Violet Velevet Elephants, so I’m extremely jealous. The midnight body color is just so magical, and I love the combination of the rainbow eyes and the circuit breaker flair. What a great pet!

That’s it for this week. Which baby is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Baby Showcase #119

  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Loveee the blue and purple pets <3

  2. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Congratulations Ocean Summermeadow! That elephant is so cute good job!!!

  3. laeight says:

    I love the cotton candy lion.

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