Baby Showcase #123

Happy Leap Day! Today was a special and exciting day — yes, because of leap day, but also because we had our celebratory White Bunny spark party! Mandy, Dorothy Lou, and I all sparked some adorable pets. We all got baby White Bunnies, as well as cute pets that feature some of the White Bunny traits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

I’m starting off with my adorable little White Bunny baby. Now this baby features the standard white body color, but it’s got the cute double carrot pet patch. You’ll notice that both the chest fur and tail fur are different! We’ve got lavender for the chest and gray for the tail. The tropical eyes are really lovely with this muted color scheme — we’ve got pink on the tops of the paws, yellow on the bottoms, blue inner ears, and then the purple chest and gray tail. I think this is an awesome Easter pet!

Next up is this cute lil Frenchie! We’ve got the carrot pet patch on the back, and the White Bunny’s inner ears. Combined with those bold green eyes and that fun front paw, this mostly natural colored pet has a few pops of intense color.

Last of my set is this incredible tie dye colored cow. It also has the carrot pet patch, but gets the pink chest ruff as well. I think these chest ruffs are going to be my favorite trait — it’s my favorite trait from the Rainbow Retriever and I’m going to LOVE seeing it on different pets.

Dorothy Lou starts off strong with her cute baby White Bunny. It’s white like mine, but has this awesome chevron back patch. Just like mine, it also has the lavender chest fur and grey tail. I love the little swampy swirl patterns this pet got from a frog, and of course I was incredibly jealous that her first baby bunny is a jackalope, just like that! Do you see the eye shadow? This is a new kind of flair introduced with the White Bunny!

Next up is this fun Uni Moon Bear! This pink perfection gets pink ears and chest from the White Bunny. The teal eyes here are particularly gorgeous with all of the blue and pink already on this pet. Super cute!

I had also crossed my bunnies, so it was fun that Dorothy Lou did, as well! This Holland Lop got the carrot pet patch (cute) and the intense blue eyes (so pretty) from the White Bunny, and looks so sweet with those rainbow flairs on the legs. From the back you can see the pink sparkle ears — an adorable touch.

On Mandy’s turn, she got this adorable little Teacup Yorkie featuring… you guessed it! The carrot pet patch! It also that chest patch, which I love love love. It’s particularly subtle with this pet, adding just that nice little bit of color on a mostly natural pet — which I know is Mandy’s favorite!

Mandy didn’t have a Holland Lop to spark with, but she got her leaper vs leaper by sparking with a Frog! This cutie has the natural green Mandy loves so much, but also some really lovely features, like the shimmer tiger stripes, the blessed by a rainbow flair, and fun prehistoric patches! This cutie also gets the carrot pet patch and that wonderful pink ruff!

Last but definitely not least, Mandy was also lucky enough to spark a baby White Bunny and her little green baby is so cute. I love the X back pattern, and this one is cute since it features a red gumdrop pet patch instead of the standard carrot. Those soft green eyes are darling, and her White Bunny baby has different fur colors from mine and Dorothy Lou’s! Here it’s an olive green chest with a dark lavender tail! It also has the yellow feetsies like mine, but since the base color is different the tops of the feet are green, as well!

We had such a blast and it was great seeing so many wonderful players in the Adoption Center to cheer us on. We hope you had fun, and that some of you also sparked some wonderful Leap Day pets! We’ll have a video of the spark party to share later. Until then, which of our babies is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Responses to Baby Showcase #123

  1. kalcan8 says:

    I actually have a favorite from each staffer’s new babies. I love Sally’s eye-catching tie dyed cow. I like Dorothy Lou’s mostly natural sweet holland lop bunny. I also really like Mandy’s mostly natural scruffy teacup yorkie. I really love that the carrot pet patch is such a dominant trait! It was a blast being present for the spark party on Thursday. I kept running back and forth to the baby showcase to see the progress that you each were making. Mandy’s new babies didn’t show up for me, so I am extra thankful that you featured them here! Congratulations to each of you! I can’t wait for the video to hear what names you chose!

  2. leaveitnow41s says:

    I’ve started to hedge my bets by buying two! crazy! I didn’t with the sloth and never got more than one baby

  3. KelliAnn11 says:

    Okay, I wasn’t planning to get this pet, but after seeing these babies, I might have to! The bunny babies look kind of sad, though. Maybe it’s just me. :)

  4. KarenaJ says:

    Super cute!!!

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Aww their all so cute and yes I was able to come to the spark party I was only 5 minutes late…lol but that’s okay it was a awesome spark party thank you Dorthy Lou Sally and Mandy for the spark party I really appreciate it have a awesome day!

  6. P00KA2 says:

    Congratulations on your new babies! Adorable! So happy for you all that you each got a baby bunny!

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