Baby Showcase #124

Happy Thursday! We’re starting to see White Bunnies in the showcase, but jump to the end of this article to see our spark party video on Leap Day featuring the White Bunnies!

First up is this… adorable bunny! This one features the bold tulip yellow body color and has simply adorable heart patches on the head, back and ears. The yellow chest is a bit more muted, but the pink tail stands out nicely with this color scheme, and I love the mint green paws. And of course I’m jealous of this little jackalope — I love its little spring fawn horns!

Next up is this very coordinate French Bulldog! That purple body color looks fabulous with the matching blue ears and feet. I love the lighter purple above the feet and that green macaron pet patch stands out beautifully. You can just make out the cute musical notes on the legs!

Green is the color for this month, so I can’t resist the cute Gingerbread Puppy’s holiday green body color. It’s got a cute lily pad pet patch, lollipops across the back, and very subtle ballerina markings on front legs. Super cute!

This adorable Rocky Mountain Horse baby has the Gingerbread Puppy back pattern and cute green sparkle feet! There’s another touch of green with the lily pad pet patch, and there’s quite a bit of blue too — ears, eyes, and those leg flairs.

Oh I love the Moon Bear markings on this blue Pixie Tiger — it’s positively magical. Blue is definitely the theme, with the blue pixie house pet patch. Those peach ears tie the feathers into the color scheme, and those green eyes are so vibrant.

This cute Spring Fawn is on my list because of the green spring fawn horns and matching green spring fabric ears! The warm body color is especially apparent with the Holland Lop’s back patch, and the rainbow tail is a nice little accent.

Another gorgeous Pixie Tiger! This night tiger color is so vibrant — it looks like stars sparkling on the back. The rainbow stripe flair looks like two cool bracelets! This baby got its cute aqua eyes and disco ears from a Disco Rhino and they look great! It’s hard to believe this pet is only an uncommon.

Last but not least, another Rocky Mountain Horse baby! This cutie has the purple dip dye body color and has those bold hyena spots on the back. The purple ears coordinate nicely with the rainbow flair on the legs, and the glittering purple toes! It’s all topped off with those party eyes — what a great baby!

Are you ready to check out our spark party? We posted the results last time, but it’s always fun to see who makes it on screen and you can get our reactions to the pets we spark. Check it out!

Which baby was your favorite? Are you getting a White Bunny and sparking it? Let us know in the comments below.


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4 Responses to Baby Showcase #124

  1. surprisecub5 says:

    What a fun Spark party! I can’t wait to get my White Bunny as well! Love the horses; they are my fave! Did you know the “Rocky Mountain” horse is actually a breed started in Kentucky?! I didn’t know until I looked it up to help me choose a name for my horse. I’m calling her Kentucky Dream or Kentucky Bluegrass! I miss my “Old Kentucky Home” state!

  2. fancyduck58 says:

    Another fun spark party! I love the bunnies you sparked and Sally, I think I like yours the best because it’s so colorful even though it’s not green, or a jackalope. :) I can’t wait to receive my white bunny so I can spark it, hopefully next week. That little colorful pig in the video is my Marigold, she was very excited to attend her first spark party haha! I think my favorite Showcase pet this week is the light blue pixie tiger, but they’re all adorable of course.

  3. kalcan8 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Leap Day spark party! I love Mandy’s green baby bunny, Bonnie. With the green coloring and bright pink inner ears, your bunny makes me think of watermelon and summertime BBQs. Sally, please don’t be jealous of Dorothy Lou’s jackalope. I remember that you did finally get one during one of your past spark parties. All of you got adorable new babies. The way that you choose names cracks me up! It was thrilling to catch a glimpse of my angelic unicorn kid, Serefina, who stopped by to cheer you on! Today’s Baby Showcase featured so many fabulous new babies. My favorite this week is probably Cookie Vanillacheer’s super color-coordinated new frenchie baby with those gorgeous cool ice eyes. Congrats to everyone featured!

    • kalcan8 says:

      Ok, I know that it would probably be too close to Webkinz day, but please consider doing a palindrome day spark party! It’s 4/20/2024 this year. I will probably spark at least one baby that day. (Maybe I will spark a dog and name the baby Pal!) Thanks for reading this!

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