Baby Showcase #127

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Easter, so that means I’m loving all of these cute colorful babies.

Can’t resist this cute purple bunny — it may be common, but that body color is anything but! A lot of the standard features on this one, but it does have that cute leafy carrot pet patch, and gets some uniqueness from the purple bat ears from the Vampire Kitten, along with those Vampire Kitten eyes.

Now this cute bunny has that understated green body color — you can see it clearly on the nose and it shows up more on the pattern on the back. The carrot back pattern is always a favorite, and matches the pet patch perfectly. This baby has sparkling purple ears to go with the dark lavender tail, and a cute little grey ruff on its chest!

Talk about color! I sparked one of these tie-dye cows recently, and I love them so much. This baby has a lot to love too, with those stormy back and chest patches and that big bold rainbow flair. The seaside eyes are quite nice here and I love the hint of green in the hooves.

Who could resist a pink yorkie? Other than the body color, this baby has mostly standard features, but gets elevated to an awesome spring baby with the addition of the pixie house pet patch and those cute pixie tiger facial stripes.

Another pet benefiting from Pixie Tiger features is this pinkerrific Gorilla! Love the feathers and the rainbow shoulder flair on this subtly pink baby. Looks a bit like a decorated egg!

We have another tie-dye cow, and this one has those intense matching superstar eyes. I love the tetramino back pattern here, too, and the circuit breaker flair. We are in serious rainbow territory! And we’ve got the green hooves again, which look lovely with those teal ears.

Awww, look at this adorable chocolate bunny! It’s got a cute ice cream cone pet patch, fun leopard spots, beautiful golden eyes, and those adorable tulip spots on the legs. A lovely Easter pet!

Last but not least, we’re feeling green with envy with this groovy green giraffe. The peace sign is pretty fun and those violet shimmer ears are a nice contrast. Can’t go wrong with hearts, and this baby has it on the chest ane legs. Adorable!

That’s it for this week. No spark party on Sunday, but I might be sparking an Easter pet anyway. Will you? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Baby Showcase #127

  1. weluv2dogs says:

    Thanks for featuring my purple bunny/vampire kitten, Bunnicula! I was so excited with the results when I sparked this unusual mix! I love the tie-dyed cows, the sweet giraffe, and cute bunnies! The pixie tiger’s traits in the gorilla and yorkie are really interesting!

  2. fancyduck58 says:

    All of these babies are so cute and colorful! The gorilla with the pixie tiger feathers makes me smile. I’m waiting to grow up my kid bunny to spark with my original white bunny which probably won’t happen by Easter- but definitely sometime next week! :)

  3. kalcan8 says:

    So many colorful babies this week! Sally is right – they do look a bit like dyed Easter eggs! I can’t resist the adorable purple “Bunnicula” owned by Promise Dreamstar. What a great idea to cross a bunny with a vampire kitten! I like the soft and lovely tie-dyed cows. That beautiful chocolate bunny has me dreaming of Cadbury cream eggs! Congrats to all of the featured new Next parents. Happy Easter one and all!

  4. rachelgirl192 says:

    I love the white bunnies, I wish I could have one.

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