Baby Showcase #137

Happy Thursday! It’s June and summer is in the air. We’ve got a great batch of babies to share today.


First up is this sweet pink White Bunny, with subtle Cotton Candy Raccoon facial markings and the lovely moon phase back patch! While I love matchy-matchy, I think it’s fun that there’s a different color for the feet, ears, chest patch, and tail. Such a cute baby!


Speaking of matchy-matchy, our next White Bunny has matching teal chest, ears, and tail, with some cute purple feet for a splash of color. I love the bold X across the back and the ears and those dark, dark eyes are pretty intense!


Now this bunny also has some intense coloring! Between the shocking raccoon face pattern and that bold purple, this bunny is hard to miss! The mahogany chest patch and brown paws match nicely, and the glittering green ears and seafoam eyes are great contrasts. With the rainbow tail flair, it looks totally purple, and those leg dots (tied to the brown feet) look fun with the back chevron.


Our first Cotton Candy Raccoon has the same “shocking” raccoon face pattern, which is super adorable. I love the zebra stripes on the back, and that hint of rainbow on the tail. This baby is the slightly softer pink color, which looks great with the green ears and the blue/yellow feet. Very fitting that it also has the green cotton candy pet patch!


Now I simply adore these deep reddish brown River Otter! The blue juggling ball pet patch stands out so boldy, and though it’s a bit harder to see the spotty back pattern, the paw print leg flair from an original yorkie really stands out here! Everything else is more subtle, but this is one fun looking pet!


We’re back to a Cotton Candy Raccoon, and I’m still in love with Moon Bear patches on other pets! This baby is gorgeous, and I love how the lime green eyes coordinate with the green and yellow body color. The lighter rainbow flair on the back legs is pretty fun, too. This super rare pet was spared by two common pets — can you believe it?!


Lots of pink in the showcase today. This gray body color looks so cool with the pink — especially with the zebra pattern on the back, and the rainbow legs adding even more color. The front is a bit more sedate, though the Cotton Candy Raccoon’s pink ears and blue eyes are especially lovely here.


Another pink pet is this adorable Moon Bear — the pink ears and blue feet from the Cotton Candy Raccoon go perfectly with this pet, as do the cool ice eyes. Such a cute pink and blue combo!


Last but not least, check out this gorgeous purple Cotton Candy Raccoon! It’s got those bold zebra stripes, lightning on the back of its ears, pink ears to go with the pink feathers, the cutest heart raccoon face pattern and lovely contrasting green feet. The silver eyes look really lovely here, too!

I’ve got my Gingerbread Puppy ready to grow up and I’m working on my Silver-Toed Sloth — I might spark both of them at our next spark party, coming up later this month! What pet are you working on growing up to spark next? Let me know in the comments below.

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9 Responses to Baby Showcase #137

  1. puppyluv9063 says:

    I am excited for the next spark party! On an unrelated note, the French Floral Window is still broken, which is so frustrating. I also tried to buy the Victorian Mansion Window from the curio shop at 9 PM Kinz Time, and it wouldn’t let me. I click buy and nothing happens. It doesn’t take kinz cash or put the item in my dock. I can buy other items in the Curio Shop. I tried logging out and back in, tried it on my phone and computer, and I had my friend try buying it too. It won’t let us buy it.

  2. persian says:

    The rare Victorian window on Next is glitching and not allowing purchase on computer or phone app. on either of my or my daughter’s accounts.

  3. izzyblue48 says:

    This really has nothing to do with the article, but I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue, my pendant lights from last season in next have disappeared.

  4. crystalfawns53 says:

    I understand this is off topic, but I have been having a really hard time logging onto my Webkinz Newz account. Every single time that I have logged in (since yesterday), it always says that my login was timed out and when I tried again, it said code not valid. Is it possible if this error can get fixed? It took me around 15 minutes to get on my account and it usually does not take this long.

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