Baby Showcase #14

Merry Christmas Eve! Time to check out the holiday babies sparked in Webkinz Next!


I just love the subtle rhino features in this baby kitty! It has the default rhino eyes and the sparkly ears and it’s just beautiful. The giraffe spots are subtle, but add a nice touch.

I LOVE the unicorn horn on the rhino — and look at those coordinated ears and stripes. The pink eyes contrast nicely with the teal. Lovely rhino.

This cutie has rose gold fur, a rhino horn AND a wintermint tail! I just love how unique these babies can be.

This is one fabulous color for a kitty! With the glittery ears, this pet looks anything but common.

Awww, I’m a big fan of the yellow moon bears and I still love the rhino horns when they show up on different pets. What a beautiful baby!

I love the two-tone blue eyes with the deep green legs and pink horn/ears! There’s a lot of colors going on in here, but it works so well together.

We all know I love kitties, and especially love when they look a little different. The lighter head makes this pet unique and that little tail marks this baby as sparked over the holiday season!

Now, I LOVE color, but there’s just something about these white bunnies that I can’t resist. Maybe it’s the beautiful two-toned blue eyes. Maybe it’s the subtle leg flair — I just love this bunny!

I love this rhino baby’s eyes! So pretty. The coloring of this one is great, and of course I love the little holiday wreath and the floral back pattern. This is one special little baby.

Wow, look at the eyes on this cow baby! Very intense. They go so well with the pink hooves and blue ears. The hyena spots are also very striking. Very impressive baby!

What a beautiful purple baby! It’s hard to resist the purple babies, but when they have heart patterns and beautiful green eyes… oh my heart!

WOW. This unicorn has a lot going on. There are hearts and lightning bolts, rainbows and and a rhino horn, and an adorable candy cane pet patch! This pet is definitely a gift!
You can take a look at these babies and more in the Baby Showcase in the Adoption Center. I like to visit every day and look at all the babies — there are so many cute ones and you can rotate them 360 to see them from all angles. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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14 Responses to Baby Showcase #14

  1. readersrock2015 says:

    Wolf love your babies. Haven’t seen you in the showcase in awhile, hope you get your spark back

  2. SamDean says:

    I’m sorry this is unrelated, but I wasn’t sure where to ask. Do you have to open your daily material collection box right away? I was saving them up for when I wanted to craft an item, but they won’t give me materials now. :(

  3. EgK says:

    KSC, once you dress your babies, you can not undress them, but switch their clothing. Also,what kind of baby is it? I have a blue and white Moon Bear and a limited addition pig! Could you please tell me your world name? Mine is Rainbow Oceanwinter0. Hope we can be friends! Or maybe we already are!

    • KSC says:

      Hello EgK! Thanks for the information. Much appreciated! My baby is a blue and white moon bear named Luna. The 2 adult pets I have are a husky (Blizzard) and the Moon Bear (Quasar). My world name is Monkey Oceanstar 0. On Classic, I am BlueMarlin2406. I look forward to meeting you in Webkinz World! Happy holidays!

  4. ilovedumbo says:

    dear webkinz I don’t have apple or a Mac computer would you guys pls make the app have all the club house ,more games and much more rather stuff pls do I love playing webkinz classic pls ,love Bella

  5. KSC says:

    Such beautiful babies! I especially love the coat patterns that are appearing. Hearts are especially cute! A question about dressing babies, I put a backpack on my baby and would like to take it off. How do I do that?

  6. EgK says:

    I just sparked a baby yesterday! It’s Uncommon! I was happy with how it turned out! And, I even adopted a pet Giraffe! Today, I’m planning on sparking another one! I hope it’s a blue Giraffe that I can name Sky or Gyro! And I hope you can feature mine in the next batch of babies! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! EgK, AKA AnimalFamilyJE and Rainbow Oceanwinter 0.

  7. Qwertyk66 says:

    I am saving up for a new pet to start sparking babies. What pet should I get to go with my Husky? Would I want a Golden Retriever since it is my favorite or should I do something completely different so that the babies will be even more unique?

  8. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    Wow, this batch of babies sure is beautiful. Quick question though, does anyone know anything as to which pet on Webkinz Newt would pair well with the Husky as far as making the cutest baby?

  9. Beckinz8 says:

    Sally Webkinz, your new unicorn is beautiful! Is it one of your babies that you chose to grow into an adult? This week’s batch of babies is really subtly stunning with a nice focus on the eyes. I’m glad that eye color is one of the traits that is now really a “focal point” in all the latest babies. I also love the subtle stripes, spots, and other cool markings that are popping up. Congrats to all the new Nextie parents!

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