Baby Showcase #17

Happy Friday, it’s time for babies! Let’s see what’s in the Baby Showcase today.

This husky may be common, but I just loved the moon bear’s starry pattern on it! It’s a subtle look, but it’s very sweet.

I will never be able to resist a green pet, but this little beauty also has subtle heart patterns on its legs. I love the two-tone pink and purple eyes. Very pretty!

This cutie inherited the husky’s two-tone eyes, but those disco-themed patterns are all rhino! I just love how groovy this baby looks.

This rare puppy has something of a conventional body color, but those blue eyes are piercing! There’s some subtle patterns in the coat, and of course some lovely holiday flair from the back!
I love the eye patch and ear coloring on this rhino baby! Such fun colors, especially with those eyes. The tree pattern is always so dramatic — and check out that gold record!

If you only casually glanced at this moon bear, you might not catch all the beautiful details! First, those are just stunning green eyes. Next, there’s so much pattern here! Beautiful swirls all over its back and that subtle lightning symbol. This is not an in-your-face pet, but it has many lovely features.

This may be a common toothpaste pet, but just look at her sweet coloring! I love the delicate rainbow on the back and the two-tone hair. The eyes are beautiful, too, and there’s a lovely bit of sparkle on the chest.

I LOVE this elephant! It is such a pretty color and I love the giraffe print on the legs. The silver eyes go beautifully with the ears, and the rainbow fluff on the tail is adorable.

We have another conventionally colored puppy, but this one has those peridot eyes I love so much and a much more dramatic swirl in the fur! Not to mention, adorable holiday flair.

This rhino is so pretty! I love the eyes, and the hint of green in the horn, and rainbow legs and just about everything. I do love the disco features, but I must admit that the gold ears are quite pretty… and at least the toes still have the disco sparkle!

Wow, what a beautiful blue kitty! Now, I love my little Bluebell, but this blue one has a much more interesting pattern. I’m a big fan of the giraffe pattern, and this one adds a little hint of purple to the pet, as well. The rainbow flair on the tail blends in perfectly!

Two things. Lightning! And the purply pink accents: eyes and ears and feet! This baby is adorable.
Every week, I get pleasantly surprised by some new baby. Some of these pets are 5th generation or further along, others are second generation, but they’re all so wonderful! I should be ready to spark another set of babies soon — can’t wait to see if I get my green kitty!
Which of these babies is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Responses to Baby Showcase #17

  1. Beckinz8 says:

    I was looking at all of the new babies posted on the wall in the Adoption Center and I noticed this beautiful new Tropical eye color. I wish there was a way to spark for certain traits – like pairing different color gerbils to get certain colors, patterns, etc. I know that it is still the roll of the dice, but you can kind of steer the process a little by choosing parents with certain traits that you are hoping to get irl. (Our family is a rodent family – we’ve had gerbils and guinea pigs for years.) This batch of babies have so many interesting intricate features to study. I love the subtle patterns like on Lil Snowcharm’s husky baby, Princess Fairyfriend’s rhino baby, and Mystic Twinklecharm and Shadow Purpleshadow’s holiday puppies. I love the tribal patterns and lightening bolt on Wolf Tundrawoofer’s amazing moon bear baby. I love unicorns so I have a soft spot for the subtle rainbows and sparkles on Ghost Magicflower’s little cutie. I also agree with @Linden that the elephant baby just makes you smile – all the different things going on are like a work of art! Blossom Pinkspring, what parent pets did you use to get the stripes, rainbows and funky patterns on your new baby rhino? Princess Purpledream, you have a wonderland pet – blue kitty with leopard spots, sparkles and rainbows – I think it would look perfectly at home at the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Ocean Thymeglow, and Princess Peachmelody, you have the joy of having really happy looking babies. Do all giraffe babies have such sweet expressions on their faces, or is it just these two? The brown and green contrast of the one, and the way that the other one makes me think of a tall glass of chocolate milk (with lightening bolts) is very striking! Congratulations to all of the new Nextie parents!

    • hrt2hrtiluvu says:

      The first pet was a 2nd generation brown Rhino. It’s parents were a 1st generation rhino and a 1st generation giraffe. The 2nd pet was a 2nd generation brown bunny who’s parents were the first generation bunny and a 1st generation giraffe.

  2. Linden says:

    OMG that elephant is the silliest; happiest; most adorable thing I have ever seen ! I have to smile when I look at it. Lucky you, whomever is the “mom”.

  3. Demongirl10 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the green giraffe!! :D

  4. coolelijah says:

    that super rare moon bear is so cute!!

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