Baby Showcase #26

Happy Friday! It’s time to check out some of the newest babies sparked in Kinzville!

This delightful little ellie has beautiful green ears and wonderful purple eyes. The rainbow flair on the legs is a nice touch and the pink peanut pet patch is fun to say and look at! While most of this baby’s features come from the elephant side, the back patch comes from a gorilla!

Wow, this chimpanzee baby has some pretty intense patterns! Those feet and the horn comes from its unicorn side, which is pretty cool, but it also got those beautiful rainbow eyes and an almost electric set of patches on its back. This chimp makes a statement!

I just adore the star and rainbow pattern on this moon bear’s head. Most of the patterns on this baby are pretty subtle, but that star just demands attention. The eyes coordinate well with the fur, which just makes that rainbow star patch the star of the show!

You know there can’t be a green kitty without me making a comment about it. I do love these babies so much, and this one is extra cute. The blue tabby stripes are just adorable and I love that singular white ear. This particular baby was a cross between a cow and a tabby cat, but there’s definitely a bunny in the background because it’s got the cute tulip pet patch. And you know me, I can’t resist a good rainbow tail.

What happens when you cross a bunny with a tabby cat? Absolute magic. I love the warm brown tones of this bunny and those eyes are just beautiful. This baby has two common first generation pets, so this is a wonderful outcome.

Gosh, was a gorgeous rhino bunny! This is such a great color combination and the sparkly horn really pops. The tiger stripes back is really cute with these colors and those brown eyes look so friendly.

Today we finish off with this adorable panda. I love how their head markings make it look like it’s wearing a crown! Those purple toes, courtesy from its elephant side, are super cute — and I love a good zebra stripe. Very elegant looking pet!
Be sure to head to the Baby Showcase to check out these babies and take a full 360 tour! Click on the baby and move to the left or right to spin them around and check out every angle.
Which baby is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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