Baby Showcase #28

It’s April 1, but these babies are no joke! Some beautiful new residents of Kinzville were sparked today… let’s check some out!

We kick off this week with this super colorful elephant! I love the green ears and eyes, and these super rare body colors make pets look so unique! The stars on the back are so cool, too.

We’ve got a few elephants today, so let’s look at the next one! This elephant baby has a more conventional body color, but lovely peridot green eyes, rainbow flair, and pretty blue toes!

And another elephant! This lil baby has a more beige skin tone, but has the most gorgeous two-toned eyes. The hyena spots on the back are lovely, too!

What a wonderful wintry husky! I love those snow patches on the legs and the aurora borealis across the back. The icy blue eyes go so well with the icy blue ears!

I love this red panda baby! The bamboo pattern on the back and the head patterning is so cool. This lil baby has a rocket patch and blue ears courtesy of the chimpanzee.

Speaking of chimpanzees, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with these kinds of patterns! I definitely love the intense green. Those cloud arm patches are so unusual, as are the alien eyes. Very interesting pet!

Aww, I love the green ears and hooves on this pet. It’s really quite subtle, and the hyena spots are doing the heavy lifting to make this pet look unique.


Another baby panda! This one isn’t an intense red, but it does have a very fun back pattern. I love the lil rainbow flair ears too.

And now a precious purple moon bear baby! This pet has the pet patch of a yorkie and the disco ears of a rhino. What a fun mixture! I adore this ziz zag pattern on the back.

It’s a yorkie-corn with rhino ears! As your babies grow up to spark more babies, you can get some really special combinations of pets. I really can’t wait until the Spring Fawn is available — I just love the unique pets that are sparked.

Wow, look at this unicorn! I always love giraffe spots, but they look so cool on this pet. The music notes are pretty great, too. This is one special toothpaste pet!

Another toothpaste pet! This one has more intense colors in the hair, but soft stars all over the back. The rainbow is beautiful, and these moon bear eye patches are very unique for a unicorn!
So which pet was your favorite this week? Check out the babies in the Baby Showcase to take a closer look and spin them around for yourself. When you see an announcement in-game, you can click the Showcase button to take a look at the babies right after they’re sparked!

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  1. EgK says:

    Adorable. Absolutely adorable.

  2. puppies4me says:

    I love the Husky! I would never put clothes on it! An accessory maybe.

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