Baby Showcase #32

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Webkinz Day already! I’ll be having a spark party tomorrow afternoon–we’ll probably be in the Adoption Center around 3pm KinzTime if you want to come by and cheer us on.
I’m hoping that since it’s a special day, Webkinz Day, that I’ll have extra luck when it comes to sparking my green cat. I’ve only been trying since Webkinz Next launched! But either way, it’ll be cool to have some babies that share the same birthday as Webkinz World.
I won’t be posting a separate showcase tomorrow, but I’ll definitely be looking through the showcase to see all the other babies with holiday adoption certificates!

Now, this is a pretty conventionally colored lion, but the back pattern is so cute! Just like the Panda and the Rhino, Lions come with some very interesting patterns. I can’t wait to see more of these.

This toothpaste pet is so cute! I love the little paws instead of hooves, and that back pattern is quite special. Very pretty soft pink baby!

This cute little elephant has the chimp shiny ears — similar, but a little bluer than the standard elephant ears. It also has a completely gorgeous star pattern on its back and cute little rainbow flairs on the legs. So sweet.

A few giraffes this week! I love the blue color on this one and the lightning pattern, of course. The blue eyes coordinate quite nicely, too!

Another giraffe! This one has a fun floral pattern on the chest, and lightning in its ears. It has a fun splash of rainbow across the back which contrasts nicely with the darker red color.

Now here’s a fun colored elephant! It has the same starry back pattern, but a purple/pink/yellow body color. This one inherited shiny ears from a panda and has very vivid green eyes. I love the little rainbow puff tail, too.

I do love these green fawns. There’s a rather subtle star pattern to this one, which is just adorable. The cute pink horns are a nice touch.

Another giraffe! I do love my green pets. I love the combination of lightning in the front and tiger stripes in the back! The green and blue eyes go beautifully — very nice.

What a sweet kitty! I love these rainbow ears and the blue eyes are so striking. This one also has the cute stripe of rainbow across the back. Just adorable.

Love these purple moon bears! The zig zag pattern is so fun, too.

While yorkies don’t come in fantastical colors, I do think it’s pretty awesome that they can inherit the shiny sparkly ears, and of course the rainbow and holiday flairs add unique touches to each. Those eyes go beautifully with the shiny ears, too!

I’m ending with another jackalope — I quite like the warm brown of this particular bunny. I may have to try again — maybe when Proserpina is grown up. These intense eyes are just gorgeous — I’d love to have a bunny like this!
That’s this week, but like I mentioned, I’ll be checking out the showcase tomorrow quite often to see what other holiday babies are being sparked. Wish me luck and hopefully I can report back with my own green kitty!

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14 Responses to Baby Showcase #32

  1. EgK says:

    wow nice batch love giraffes congrats blossom

  2. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    If you see this Prince, know that I tried seeing if you left a comment, but couldn’t because it was too old. The comment page switches after a certain number of comments, and yours was probably the last one so I can’t see it. I tried finding the older comments button, but it wasn’t there. :( Sorry! I miss you! It’s hard not being able to get knowledge from the Old Wise One! Just kidding, I am doing fine. When it comes to Webkinz classic, I know all there is to know. PLEASE POST BACK HERE! I want to play at the tournament arena soon! -The Little

    • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

      Also, prepare yourself if you want to play at the tournament arena. I am going to crush you in Dogbeards Bathtub Battles! (It’s my thing.) :)

      • PrinceHuskyworth says:

        I check here everyday. I miss you a lot. :( I may not stand a chance at Bathtub Battle’s, but you have no chance at chess… if they had it. :P

        • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

          You’re right, I probably don’t stand a chance at Chess! I’m not good at Chess. But we can play other games. Just send me a letter or post here when you’ll be on. And then I will send you a letter that says something like, “meet me in Webkinz world” to confirm that it works for me. I miss playing next with everyone. :( I trust you to tell everyone I said hi! Also, tell anyone who still plays classic my username.

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    These are so cool & so unique! Congratulations to everyone who got featured! Also, will there be any sales on Webkinz day? ie will the pets be cheaper & will the babies be cheaper to make? Maybe Under 100 diamonds & 50 Diamonds for the babies..?

  4. Flyerdream says:

    Rare, super rare, and ultra rare? Really funny!

  5. hrt2hrtiluvu says:

    Awww, thank you so much my sweet friend!! I do love those giraffes! I’ll have to spark one and name it “The Little”. Happy pink giraffes and green kitties to everyone!! -Blossom Pink Spring

  6. megamom12 says:

    Good luck getting your green kitty!

  7. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    I am so happy to see many babies sparked from my friend Blossom Pink Spring! You always were the queen of giraffes. :) I hope everyone has a great day! -Little Eletric Pepper

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