Baby Showcase #35

It looks like this week is dedicated to Mystic Purplemeadow, who had so many amazing babies when I checked the Baby Showcase earlier today!

Sparking Pets: Uncommon Lion and Ultra Rare Frog
Cool Traits: Amethyst Heart Pet Patch, Pride Flame Chest Flair, Lime Green Ears, Giraffe Horns, Hyena Spots Back, Violet Flair Eyes, Floating Fractals Chest Pattern
This lion baby’s eyes match its pet patch! While it’s mostly a conventionally colored pet, there are some interesting patterns, like the hyena spots on the back and the little flame pattern on the chest. They’re almost hidden by the mane, but you can just make out the giraffe horns peeking in the back — so there’s a giraffe somewhere in this pet’s lineage!

Sparking Pets: Ultra Rare Unicorn and Rare Lion
Cool Traits: Unicorn Big Star Chest Patch, Ultra Violet Rainbow Pet Patch, Candy Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle Feet, Unicorn Star Galaxy Face Pattern, Rainbow Sparkle Ears, Rainbow Ears Flair, Violet Flair Eyes, Leopard Frog Back Pattern
I love when the unicorns get the bold eyeliner look! Quite a bit of rainbow on this pet, which I love, and the back of this pet is just magnificent. Very pretty colors!

Sparking Pets: Uncommon Spring Fawn and Super Rare Elephant
Cool Traits: Warm Body Color, Flowering Back Spots, Blurred Chest Patch, Rainbow Tail Flair, Frozen Spring Fawn Horns, Purple Shimmer Ears
This spring fawn’s ears were inherited from the elephant, but that cool purple color goes perfectly with those blue horns. The back pattern on this baby is so cute, but I also love the little splotches on the front. I can never resist those rainbow tails, which seem to show up so often — they feel like a signature Webkinz trait.


Sparking Pets: Ultra Rare Moon Bear and Super Rare Husky
Cool Traits: Celestial Cyan Body Color, Shimmer Tiger Stripes Back, Dreamy Stars Pet Patch, Clear Sky Markings, Blessed By A Rainbow Flair, Lime Green Eyes
This is an incredible blue color for a moon bear. I mean, I know they’re usually some flavor of blue, but this is BLUE! The lighter ear color from the husky goes perfectly, and the eyes are very intense. There’s a lot of competing patterns on the back, but you can just make out the tiger stripes under the various moon bear markings and that beautiful rainbow across the back.

Sparking Pets: Rare Giraffe and Rare Chimpanzee
Cool Traits: Giraffe Back Hearts, Gloriosa Pet Patch, Giraffe Lightning Ears, Tropical Eyes, Pond Waves Chest, Flared Stripes Head Pattern, Rainbow Tail Flair
The hearts across this baby giraffe’s back is simply adorable! The tropical eyes go so nicely with the purple coloring, and the wave pattern on the chest gives it a nice bit of intense purple. Those lightning ears are so cute, too.

Sparking Pets: Common Grey Tabby and Common Husky
Cool Traits: Pink Body Color, Fractal Back Pattern
I love the combination of the pink fur with the husky’s two-tone eyes! That signature paw is such a statement, too. The fractcal pattern on the back is quite interesting — it’s on the subtle side, but it does add some visual interest.

Sparking Pets: Super Rare Rhino and Rare Orange Tabby Cat
Cool Traits: Tie Dye Body Color, Rainbow Tail Flair, Pink Disco Ears, Pink Disco Horn, Cool Ice Eyes, Hyena Spots Back, Red Paw Heart Pet Patch
This baby rhino looks like my Opal! I love this color body. It’s always fun when the sparkle ears match the horn, too. Very cute!

Sparking Pets: Rare Panda and Rare Yorkshire Terrier
Cool Traits: Little Love Chest Patch, Glowing Star Pet Patch, Full Leg Swirl Pattern, Vibrant Blue Eyes, Giraffe Spots Back, Sunshine Body Color, Spikey Face Patch, Blessed By A Rainbow Flair
I love these soft brown panda babies, and the blue eyes look especially bright in this combination. The swirls on the leg are subtle, but very cute, and the splotches on the head are vaguely tiara-like. I always love the hyena spots, and the bold rainbow across the back is a great bit of color.

Sparking Pets: Rare Unicorn and Rare Moon Bear
Cool Traits: Unicorn Star Pet Patch, Candy Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle Feet, Unicorn Star Galaxy Face Pattern, Warm Stripes Sparkle Ears, Zebra Stripes Back, Rainbow Front Legs
Oh, I love the sea green eyes with this primarily pink unicorn! The rainbow traits are focused on the lower legs and feet, but the delicate pink zebra stripes is just adorable. Very pretty toothpaste pet.

Sparking Pets: Super Rare Cow and Ultra Rare Cow
Cool Traits: Storm Cloud Chest Patch, Denim Sparkle Hooves, Denim Sparkle Ears, Hyena Spots Back, Rainbow Ears Flair
I love it when the ears and feet match! This super adorable cow baby has very subtle coloring, but the eyes have that little bit of intense purple, also reflected on the ears, and that cute itty bitty storm cloud is so cute. Very nice spots on the back, and the purple on the ears is even more visibile.

Sparking Pets: Ultra Rare Cow and Rare Panda
Cool Traits: Love Moo Back Patches, Violet Soccer Ball Pet Patch, Deep Purple Sparkle Hooves, Rainbow Front Legs, Cool Ice Eyes, Violet Body Color, Fluffy Chest Fur
Oh, what a lovely cow baby! Those hearts on the back are just darling. The soccer ball pet patch means there was a Yorkshire Terrier somewhere in the line, but it’s otherwise a beautiful purple with purple, purple, and more purple! The gold in the ears is picked up just a bit in the eyes, making this a very well coordinated pet!

Sparking Pets: Super Rare Cow and Rare Golden Retriever
Cool Traits: Teal Body Color, Shimmer Tiger Stripes Back, Swirls Chest Patch, Green Sparkle Hooves, Superstar Eyes, Strawberry Chocolate Pet Patch, Glittering Panda Ears
I love the eyes on this pet, and while the ears don’t match the feet, it’s pretty cool that this baby cow has some panda traits, as well as the golden retriever and cow! The teal is very subtle, with the green appearing a little more strongly through the tiger stripes. I just adore the little swirls on the chest, though. Beautiful baby!
Which baby is your favorite? Did you know that visiting the Baby Showcase on three different days will get you Season Points this week! Go check out these babies for yourself — you can spin them around and get a really good look at all the features. Happy sparking!
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  1. Beckinz8 says:

    These are some very cute babies! Congratulations to the new Nextie parents on their growing families! I must be hungry this morning because the first thing that I thought when I saw the lion baby’s back was – it’s a peanut! The pale tan color and the blockier spots make it look like a peanut to me. Then when scrolling down I saw the beige and brown panda, and I thought – chocolate chip cookie! I checked out all of the rest, and I too love the unicorn eyeliner and subtle shapes and patterns. Now I’m headed off to get a snack! LOL!

  2. KSC says:

    @Mystic Purplemeadow, congratulations on sparking all those cool pets!

  3. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    So many cool and unique babies! I was finally able to spark my first baby and actually got the ultra rare Fabulous Cow! Can’t wait to spark more in the future!

  4. firemantotheresque says:

    GREAT JOB, MYSTIC! Might just be a record for having more than five of the same person’s baby in the showcase! Great Job Daisy as well. :D

  5. PrinceHuskyworth says:

    Gonna share the showcase with anyone else Mystic Purplemeadow? :P

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