Baby Showcase #48

Happy Thursday! I’ll be on vacation next week, so there won’t be any Baby Showcase next Thursday. Let’s enjoy this week’s selection, shall we?

This unicorn baby is darling! The blue feet is one of the special pig traits, but it looks so good with the pink and blue hair. There’s a subtle rainbow in the back, though the big hyena spots steal the show in that lovely purple. The soft teal eyes and rainbow flair on the legs help tie everything together, and the pink star in the center is the icing on top.

I couldn’t resist this baby cow when I saw it — I just love these little heart patches on its back. It inherited the Moon Bear pet patch and other patches, which adds just a little extra unique flavor to this cutie with mostly standard cow features.

More hearts! The reddish body color is a great combo with the hearts, of course, and the rainbow stripes on the leg are a cute touch. This eye color, inherited from a froggie, is also very pretty with this body color.

Another cow! I can’t resist cows. While this one again has a lot of standard features, I love the popcorn pattern on the back and the little strawberry milk pet patch. The panda sparkling ear gives this baby a little bit of oomph, along with the rainbow on the legs and those dazzling blue eyes.

Another pretty unicorn! This one also has some faint rainbow on the back, with the purple showing up with the tiger stripes this time. There’s a hint of rainbow on the legs from the back, and those tabby green eyes go great with this color palette. This baby was a combo of a Yorky and a Unicorn, but the Yorkie passed on the eye color, so you know there’s some tabby in there somewhere!

Another wonderful giraffe — this one has hearts on the legs and ears and a beautiful big star on the chest. The pinker color looks great with the zebra stripes, too!

Now this is an impressive kitty! You can just make out the face patches and the little chest patch is adorable. The violet flair eyes look great with this color combo, and the purple feet just add to it. You can just make out the rainbow tail flair, which adds even more purple. This is one colorful cat!

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22 Responses to Baby Showcase #48

  1. megamom12 says:

    I finally got a frog and crossed it with my cow. I now have a green cow with…giraffe spots? I was surprised because I never got the giraffe, but it was added as a special. I was quite excited about that!

  2. Grandma52 says:

    Adorable new babies!

  3. Mummabean says:

    Thanks for showing off my baby, Hayloft! I like his little heart patches too!

  4. creek4kids says:

    Hi Sally! First of all, can you add me as a friend in Next? I really want you to see the 8 new beautiful babies sparked by my pets! Secondly, I wonder what would happen if ya’ll showcased some of the more “plain” or toothpaste pets. I think I was a little scared of sparking babies at first, after seeing some of the unusual colors and patterns – I wasn’t used to it, and hadn’t been able to appreciate the style then. Maybe more players would be less apprehensive about babies if they knew the vast majority look relatively “normal” and only the pretty rare ones look unique!

  5. firemantotheresque says:

    WOW, GHOST! Great Job!!!! :D –Wacky

  6. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    Nice babies everyone! :)

  7. ilovemoonie says:

    Aww, thanks so much for featuring my new baby cow! :) I’ve never been featured on the showcase before, so I was excited to see my baby here! :D Little Levi is honored to be included in the showcase with all the other adorable babies! ;) All of these are so cute! ^-^ I especially love that first unicorn, the giraffes (giraffe babies are just the cutest! XD) and that gorgeous green/blue cat! :)

  8. lucylane556 says:

    Cute babies! Where will you be going on vacation, Sally?

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Ooh! All of this week’s featured babies are super cute! ^-^ Congrats to everyone who was featured! :D I really like that mottled aqua-colored cat at the end, and that first giraffe with the striped legs and blushing cheeks is pretty adorable, too! Also, a special shoutout to my best friend, ilovemoonie, for having her new baby cow featured! ;) Hope you enjoy your cute new cow, buddy! ^-^ I love the cool pattern on its back! :3

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