Baby Showcase #50

Happy Thursday! I’m back with more babies. I love looking at the Baby Showcase each day and seeing what babies we end up with. Sometimes it seems like there’s a trend for the day. Do you see any for today?

First up is this gorgeous white kitten. The hint of color on the legs and the intense blue eyes are so sweet on this pet. The blue elephant ears on this baby are so pale they almost look white, but it totally goes with this pet’s vibe. The elephant also gave this kitten that cute little peanut patch. Both of the pets contributing sparks to this baby were common, so this is one lucky result!

Now, this might be a common chimp, but I just love the combination of colors. The back pattern is courtesy of a panda, along with the glittery ears. The big splashes of color on the back are highlighted with purple, and the front has lovely chevrons and swirls. Those seaside eyes are so beautiful too — like looking out at the ocean with a mountain rising in the horizon.

I love this moon bear baby! You’ve got horns from a spring fawn, a record from a disco rhino and the wonderful color and markings that come with the moon bear. This purple is so pretty, and the stars almost seem to sparkle.

This is another intensely colored moon bear! The black body color makes all of the other markings pop — especially the long burst of rainbow on the back. There are some delicate purple swirls that adorn the back and ears, and those pink and orange eyes look beautiful!

I can’t resist a green pet — they just make me smile. This baby has pretty standard traits, but the green just makes it adorable to me. I love my own green spring fawn and I can’t wait to try for a jackalope again. My plan is to spark on Halloween! We’ll have a spark party on Halloween around 11am. I did well on Webkinz Day, so I think holiday sparking is the way to go for me!

We have another common pet, but this one has quite a few interesting traits. This is a quite natural body color, and the leopard spots on the back are quite subtle. The green leaf patch stands out quite a bit and the pink ears give just a hint of color, too. The autumn eyes stick with the natural looking theme, but it’s just different enough from the standard rhino that it’s a nice change.

And here’s another cool rhino! This one has the standard body color, but you can just make out teal zebra stripes on the back, and it’s got an intense swatch of rainbow which is just adorable above that moon bear pet patch. I love the combination of the intense blue eyes with the golden ears — very regal looking baby!

Another moon bear! This one has a fabulous yellow body color with that bold rainbow across the back. (Is that the theme today? Back rainbows?!) I love the black feet that some pets get when they’re sparked from a cow. You can also just make out the heart shaped patch on the baby’s shoulder, also from the cow. You can’t look at these beautiful blue eyes and not be enchanted by this pet.

Now this kitty doesn’t have too many unusual traits, but it does have a lovely combination of them. Lovely markings all around, with a cute hint of rainbow on the tail and purple feet. The lion’s pet patch is a great match for this mostly silver pet, and the golden eyes coordinate beautifully with the orange ears.

What I love about this piggie baby is how the eyes match the leg flair. It’s also cool how the orange pet patch matches the intense orange ears, and it’s fun how the zebra stripes are that deep reddish hue. Beautiful baby!

I was drawn to this baby of course because my own Sally Webkinz is a purple kitty. I haven’t seen a purple cat with white ears before, though! This one has some very interesting back patterns, between the tabby stripes and the swirls. While this one doesn’t have the back rainbow pattern, there is a hint of rainbow on the legs, and those eyes are intense!

That’s my round up for today! Head to the Baby Showcase each day to see if you can find the theme for the day. I definitely think back rainbows are the one for today. Until next time!

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11 Responses to Baby Showcase #50

  1. lucylane556 says:

    Happy 50th Baby Showcase! It’s like an anniversary! :)

  2. xdri says:

    Please, can anyone tell me if ALL babies appear in the baby showcase automatically, or you have to do something in order to them to be there, and if so, what? Thank you very much!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Showcase in game shows the last 20 babies that were sparked automatically. You may have to log out and back in to refresh it if you just sparked and don’t see yours. Some days are busier spark days than others, and yours may be pushed out of the showcase quickly if lots of people are sparking. My baby showcase is a selection of the pets I find in the Showcase in game.

  3. jeanie45 says:

    Sally Webkinz, can you please tell us which pets won’t spark? I wanted to use my rainbow retriever to spark with my new giraffe and it would not work. I would have left it a baby if I had known it could not spark. Can you give us a list of pet types that won’t spark.

  4. KSC says:

    I love the purple moon bear and purple cat! Congratulations to Fire Oceanworld and Prince Arcticnight. My goal is to spark a purple pet. I love everything purple!

  5. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    I love that purple cat by Prince Arcticnight! So cute! great job everyone! :)

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