Baby Showcase #56

Happy Thursday!
I’m so excited because Monday is almost here. Not only is it Halloween, I’m going to be having a spark party with Mandy and Dorothy Lou and will try once more for my elusive jackalope! I hope you’ll come by the Adoption Center around 11am on Monday to cheer us on.

First up is this super cool PURPLE frog! This was one of the new colors added recently and it’s spectacular. I love the hints of ligher colors on the back, and the rainbow patches show up nicely on that darker body color. The frog shape on the chest is just so much fun — the pink eyes are a nice pairing with this color.

A beautiful blue piggie! I love the coordinating ears and feet, and the bluey purple rainbow flairs go great with this color scheme. The spots on the back are a lovely touch, and those blue panda eyes are the perfect pairing.

This spring fawn is another lovely blue pet, with a big bold rainbow across the back. Those tiger stripes and fabric ears are just fab, and I definitely love that color green eyes. This is the first time I’ve seen the cow sparkle hooves on a deer and they’re adorable!

My favorite part of this green cat (aside from the color, of course), is the chevrons on the back! They’re so fun. I love that chest pattern and the hints of purple on the toes looks great with the blue/purple flair and the sapphire eyes. Very pretty green kitty!

Another amazing kitty! This snow kitty has sparkles, it has stripes, it has a hint of blue, it has a horn, it has pink and purple eyes, it has the cutest purple tipped ears — I just love it! This hybrid baby even has some unicorn in the background, what with its rainbow pet patch!

What happens when you give a husky a yorkie’s color patches? This beautiful baby! The big patch of dark on the back looks great with the aurora flair and I love the little snowflakes on the legs. The little nose patch is especially cute on the all-white face.

Our third snowy looking pet is this pretty bunny! This particular one is especially interesting to me since it has so many moon bear features — the starry back, the pet patch. It’s very subtle on the white body, but I’ve never seen it before and I love it! The eyes are especially striking on an all white pet, and that little hint of purple on the chest is lovely.

You can check out these babies and more in the Baby Showcase in the Adoption Center on Next. Be sure to spin them around so you can see all of the angles! Wish me luck for Monday — I’ve got fingers and toes crossed. Oh, and be sure to leave any name suggestions for bunnies, fawns and jackalopes in the comments below!

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14 Responses to Baby Showcase #56

  1. Rachelgirl says:

    cool new babies, of course I LOVE the frog.

  2. lucylane556 says:

    I’ve even got my eyes crossed for you, Sally! If you get a jackelope, I think the name should be Girl: Mae Boy: Dmitri

  3. Grandma52 says:

    Adorable Babies!

  4. sweetiepiesix says:

    You have to get an A+ not just an A. From what I have seen you have to get all the questions correct. Tha is hard.

  5. OtterPikaLove says:

    Sally, if you get a jackalope you should name it Sir Prise!

  6. EmeraldAutumnWish says:

    It slipped my mind on the actual date, but October 23rd was the second anniversary of Webkinz Next! Not sure how many people are aware of that anniversary date, so I dropped by to share it :)

  7. EgK says:

    Good luck, Sally!!! I already gave names for bunnies: Hope and Grace. But I didn’t give names for fawns, so here they are: Frost, Frosty, Flora and Charm. Again, good luck!! :)

  8. daulover says:

    Is anyone having trouble with completing the task in Seasons on Webkinz Next of getting an A in any hard class at the academy? I have received an A in the hard class multiple times, but this task remains unchecked in my progress.

  9. Beckinz8 says:

    What a great showcase! I’m not a piggie person, but Wizard Twilightsilver’s little blue one is a color-coordinated cutie! Sally Webkinz, I didn’t know that you were trying for more fawns (as well as the elusive jackalope). If you spark a demure little lady, you could name her Faline, or Clarice. If you spark a warm little spitfire, Fireball would be a great name. (from Ruloph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) And of course, though unoriginal, there’s always Santa’s entire sleigh team to choose from. May the sparks be ever in your favor!

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