Baby Showcase #66

Happy New Year, everyone!
We managed to put together a video from our Christmas Spark Party — I’ll include that at the bottom. Big thanks to our sound engineer, who took our amateur attempts to record our session and made it work!

We’re kicking off the new year with this super pink kitty! We’ve got pink shiny ears, pink eyes, pink stripes — this would be the perfect Valentine’s pet! It may be a common kitty, but it looks so cool.

This cute little elephant has the peachiest body color — it really makes those purple zebra stripes, purple toes and rainbow tail pop! Very cute color combination.

Oh, I love this husky — you don’t see too many purple ones and the spring fawn spots on this baby is simple adorable. There’s some purple ears and a purple tipped tail — just darling. And of course I can’t resist the spring fawn horns on this baby!

Speaking of spring fawns, this baby is stunning! I love that it got the rainbow chest fur and pin paw from the rainbow retriever. The rainbow flair on the legs go perfectly with those two traits and these amazing pink eyes pull it all together. This is a mostly conventionally colored pet but with some really lovely details.

Another husky! This one is blue, but it has some really cute traits from the disco rhino — glittering ears and those aqua disco eyes. The blue really stands out on the giraffe spots on the chest, and all in all this is a very pretty pet!

Look at this cute gingerbread puppy! This one has a full ear patch, making it quite different from most other gingerbread puppies. Of course I love the cow horn, but the back is very interesting with the dark hyena spots and that super cute snowman pet patch!

The last pet for the day is this cute purple moon bear, which has the gingerbread puppy’s back pattern and gumdrop! These purple moon bears are always pretty cute, but this is a great combination.

And finally, here’s our Christmas Spark Party! While I did have pets I was hoping for, there wasn’t really a combination or pet that I was going to be disappointed with.

Did you spark on Christmas or New Year’s? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Chopperplayz says:

    Where’s my baby plus I watched spark party and my gingerbread puppy is also named cookie

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