Baby Showcase #9

More babies! I just love the infinite variety of pets we’re seeing these days. There’s a nice mix of species this week.

We might be starting with a common baby, but I love the little pink ears — normally these tabbies have gold ears. And there’s that cute little speckled pattern on its chest, and that softer color. They may be subtle differences, but they are cute!

This husky pup is ready for winter! Just look at those snowflake patches and the candy cane tail. I love the soft pink color on this pet, even if it’s not a traditional winter color. So unique.

Ahhh! I love rhino kitties! My avatar is a purple kitty, but I would love to have those sparkly ears and the rhino horn. The rhino has really stepped up the game in terms of the cute additions to other babies, that’s for sure!

Such a cute bunny! I love the soft colors and the patterns are just awesome. The rainbow tail is a cute pop of color, too.

I have a soft spot for frog babies — they have the best grumpy faces. This is definitely not a grumpy baby, but I do love the subtle giraffe spotting on the back and the rainbow flairs. This is such a pretty green.

This sweet unicorn is a lovely mix of pink and yellow and that rainbow stripe is just gorgeous! The rainbow feet are a nice touch, too.

The combination of stripes and the rainbow ears is very striking! And those pink eyes — very intense. You can just make out the husky face markings.

What a cute pink kitty! Such a great combination with those white facial patches and the pretty eyes.

This rhino baby looks deceptively plain (though even the rainbow flair is quite cute), but look at that BACK! Now that’s a unique pattern.

Now this is pet goals! I already really want a green kitty, but the disco ears take this cat to the next level. I’m in love.

This moon bear has the cute disco ears courtesy of a rhino parent, but just look at that rainbow section of its back! Just love it.

I admittedly have a soft spot for green pets, but this is such a cute little cow. I love the zebra stripes and the swirls on the front, and the purple feet of course!
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10 Responses to Baby Showcase #9

  1. frozenanna2 says:

    Cool babies!

  2. thatfuzzymonster says:

    I’m Snow Snowsnow. I didn’t even know these baby showcase things were a thing until today, as I just got back into Webkinz a few weeks ago (have been playing since 2006, but took a break around 2013). Pretty cool to see my little munchkinz Aurora up there with her rainbow tush. So cute!

  3. SamDean says:

    They’re all so adorable. My baby Pistachio is a green kitty too, with a tulip patch and rainbow flair tail. :)

  4. Helenka says:

    I have had the same problem , I tried reaching out for support was told I no longer had a baby so they could do nothing they said no crib as they were checking so no baby I still have it and trying with 2nd baby to finish it but it has gone no where

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Okay, I can totally picture Sally Webkinz with that rhino kitty! I finally saw a purple cat with those markings yesterday out and about in the Town Square. The back markings on Magic Rainmeadow’s baby rhino are incredible. These fabulous new markings are going to make clothing sales plummet. LOL!

  6. bluemorpho says:

    The grumpy frog babies are the best! Sometimes I want to take my frog baby to the park when they’re grumpy to cheer them up, but when I’m putting them in the stroller, they just sit there with crossed arms looking to the side like they aren’t having it. It cracks me up every time!

  7. donkeyhooves says:

    I filled my baby’s growth meter and they just became a kid but my Bringing up Baby challenge only registered them having 12/15 growth points. what do i do?

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