BBQ Event Ends Today!

Have you crafted all of your BBQ recipes?

Have you crafted all of the recipes from this year’s BBQ Event in Webkinz Next? Don’t forget, the recipes will disappear at midnight (EST) on July 1st.

There are cool items to sew on your sewing machine. The Hamburger Hat recipe randomly makes one of 3 adorable caps.

You can craft cute plushies on your crafting table. You may even craft the rare Deluxe Hamburger Plushy.

And don’t forget to build our newest recipe, the Hamburger Beanbag Chair, on your Workbench.

Plus, every time you click on a condiment, there’s a rare chance of earning a BBQ Cabana or Garden Patio BBQ!

If you’re running low on condiment materials for your recipes, don’t forget, you can purchase the Big BBQ Special Diamond Bundle which includes 20 of each condiment, 150 Diamonds and a special exclusive vehicle for only $16.99 USD.

The Diamond Bundle will disappear once the BBQ event has ended. Don’t miss it!
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15 Responses to BBQ Event Ends Today!

  1. lilbugxo says:

    I didnt know the recipes would disappear and I was waiting to have time to decide what I wanted to make with them ):

  2. kalcan8 says:

    Next Artist Appreciation comment of the week: I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the work and thank the artists and tech team for the gorilla in Next. I absolutely love the time, care and attention to detail that you took to make him look the way that he does when he runs and walks. He puts his knuckles down and runs like a real ape, and I love it! (I don’t know if there is a special place to post compliments for the design team, so I just thought that I would try here and you could pass it on. In the future, if you could let me know if there is a better spot to thank your team for all their great work I would appreciate it.) Thank you!!

  3. kerowyn says:

    I’m in the same situation as Corkymae up above. I haven’t had time/the chance to actually use those bbq condiments and wishing those recipes would stick around.

  4. corkymae says:

    I wish the recipes would not disappear because I have not had time to make them. I would like to have them there all the time so we could make them anytime we wanted. Thanks!

    • 2fox888 says:

      I agree! I wish the recipes would remain so we can craft with them. Including the Wacky Crafting recipes

    • kalcan8 says:

      I agree, @corkymae. June was so busy that I was just happy to have a free moment to collect a few condiments. I wish the recipes were always around, because life slows down a bit at different times for everyone, and I might have some more free time to craft at a different time of year than some other players. I hope that the Ganz team considers your suggestion.

  5. Ashnamia says:

    Its just getting harder and harder to spend money on this game. Just bought a rabbit and was so excited to spark it once it arrived and of course I didn’t get the rabbit all 3 times. Got another rabbit and AGAIN it did not give me a rabbit. Can the spark elixir be bought for diamonds via the W-Shop at some point? Yes it was a chance on the super wheel but I was not someone who abused the endless spinning glitch and was fair to the game. Would just be nice to have a higher chance to get the pet you want putting it first or a preference for a pet because I’m not buying yet another rabbit.

    • KelliAnn11 says:

      There was an endless spinning glitch with the Super Wheel? Why do I never hear about these things? I try to play fairly, too, so I probably wouldn’t have taken advantage of it anyway.

      • Ashnamia says:

        Sadly yes there was, if you look at many of the trading binder still, they have that pink Deadmouse looking helmet that was on the wheel as well as the elven bed, 2021 gift bag diamond clothes and the white swing. Seems many people have abused that glitch and were not punished for it and allowed to keep their items. Would have been fair if they reverted the day and took away the items. At least I have my integrity :)

        • KelliAnn11 says:

          Yes, you definitely do! :) I don’t usually trade, but I hope those who took advantage of this glitch will be kind to others who didn’t when trading!

        • strawberrycream12 says:

          I never heard of the glitch and I certainly never had it. I spun the super wheel once. I have however traded for multiple of the items on the wheel, and then put them in my binder to try to get other items. It is possible people are playing fairly and just trade often and specifically. A lot of Webkinz players have integrity :)

        • Pupz says:

          I got to spin the super wheel like thirty times because of the glitch so I did because then I could get more prizes and no, I Did NOT hack Webkinz

      • Pupz says:

        Yeah I got to spin it until I logged out

    • kalcan8 says:

      I sympathize, @Ashnamia. I posted before about the “Tigger Syndrome”, where that pet is the only one. Sometimes you get lucky and you get a whole line of whatever pet you purchased. But due to the randomness of the sparking process, sometimes that pet will forever be alone. I have a teacup yorkie from whom I have used two sparks. I don’t even remember what I got, but it wasn’t a yorkie. I am afraid to use the last spark. If I don’t get another yorkie, I will wait until the plush sells out and I can buy a virtual yorkie and try again. Sometimes you get really lucky like my one account having a whole pride of lions from that one initial surprise spark limited edition redemption lion. But on another account, my pink lion will forever be the only one. He shared some nice traits with his kids, but I would have rather had at least one other lion. On another account, while I am thrilled to have two cute little jackalopes, I really hope that by some small miracle that my last spark will give me another deer. Next sparking “is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”

    • strawberrycream12 says:

      Also, I totally understand the frustration of not getting the pet from the sparks! That happened to me with the yorkie! I was so frustrated and sad because now I cannot try to get other colors. It would be wonderful if you could pick which pet you got, but the traits randomized!

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