Check Your Pet’s Packed Lunch!


Has your pet enjoyed the new foods in the Recess Packed Lunch yet? Your pet receives a Packed Lunch each time they finish Recess at the Kinzville Academy. We’ve added a few new foods that you may find inside when you open it, including a Booksmart Burger, a High Marks Milkshake, and some Cheerleader Cheese Sticks! If you have any unopened Packed Lunches you can try opening them today to see if you find these delicious new snacks inside!

91 Responses to Check Your Pet’s Packed Lunch!

  1. livigrace41 says:

    The Cheerleader Cheese Sticks are adorable!

  2. xavier says:

    I got 5 day till resses D:

  3. 2007pip says:

    i love them ALL so cute i got all

  4. jimzy13 says:

    Sorry but i sell everything that is in my lunch bag because IT’S FULL OF SUGAR!!!!!

  5. firehor says:

    I got Booksmart Burger, High Marks Milkshake, and Pythagoras Pretzel. Sadly, my pet consumed it all! :( :( :( :( :(

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