Comfy Quest is on for the entire month!

Are you still trying to collect all 9 Comfy Quest sweaters? Good news! Comfy Quest is on until midnight on February 29, 2024.
To participate, visit Kinzville to collect falling balls of yarn. Exchange 20 balls of yarn for one random cozy sweater.

Which sweater are you still hoping to collect?

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6 Responses to Comfy Quest is on for the entire month!

  1. bobme248 says:

    I’m finding the Maple and Navy the most elusive of the sweaters, while it seems to land on Colorwash quite a bit.

    • outgoinglyshy says:

      I have found the white Icy sweater the elusive one for me. I have extra Maple ones. I don’t usually trade but if you still need a Maple one, Bobme, maybe we can trade. :)

  2. BH1464 says:

    I am glad it will be going on for a while. I’m lucky if I see even one yarn ball drop per day and can collect only 4-6 yarn balls per day. I only have 2 sweaters so far from this year’s event. Also, on another topic: What is up with Classic freezing up and or kicking me out several times per day until I just give up and wait to try again the next day? This has been going on for more than a week. It is very frustrating.

    • rach1794 says:

      I use a Mac to play and I’ve found that if I’ve been to the Arcade I need to sign out and then back in again to see any balls drop.

    • tuxkitty1 says:

      I am Sapphire Huskystar on NEXT I have extra sweaters I would love to give you, but i know we need to trade. Tell me your NEXT name to look for your friend request.

    • kalcan8 says:

      Hey BH1464! I feel your pain. I usually only strive for enough yarn balls per day for one sweater per account, but even with that goal, some days it’s just not happening (even with logging out and back in. *sigh*) That being said, I do have multiples of some sweaters and would be happy to trade so you can get some. My main on Next is Hope Snowflower 1. I know that we are longtime friends on Classic, but are we friends in Next? Lmk…

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