Cool items from the Pet of the Month video!


Hey, gang, it’s the Rooster here with more exclusive behind the scenes details about the making of the cool new video, “It’s a Beautiful Day.” Today I thought I’d tell you about how we dressed the set for the video. I always love checking out the eStore for cool items to decorate the space, so when I was planning the video shoot, I knew exactly where to go to find props.

I really wanted to enhance the country feel of our farmhouse, so the first thing I looked for when I hit the eStore was a large window with an attractive country view. As soon as I saw the Barnyard Window I knew my hunt was over. It had exactly the rustic feel I was going for and it was spacious enough to frame the other barnyard animals that I had asked to appear as extras in our video. The green curtains accented with a pink swag captured the farmhouse essence perfectly, and the blue flowers in the background added a nice natural touch.

Baby chick’s bed was the main prop on this video shoot so when I got to the eStore I was on the lookout for something that just screamed country. Of course, it also had to have a plush, luxurious look to it – after all, it had to look so comfortable that the baby chick would rather keep on dreaming than wake up and face the day. I spotted this quaint wooden bed with its charming blue and white checked coverlet almost the second I walked into the eStore. The Country House Bed had just the feel I was trying to capture.


It was my wife’s idea to use a pie as a prop to try and lure our baby chick out of his deep slumber. I thought that was a great idea and the Whole Country Piggy Plum Pie is so mouth-watering, it’s a mystery how anyone could resist. It seemed the perfect prop to tempt our little snoozer!


And while I was there I also picked up a Farmer’s Wife Dress, in case we decided on a last minute costume change

I hope you’ll check out our video. We’re very proud of what we’ve created and if you answer the three questions at the end you can win a special prize.

Click here to watch. And if you like some of the props that you spot in the video, don’t forget to check out the eStore for these and other fabulous items.

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  1. star says:

    i love every thing .. :( but i wish esore was for every one -star

  2. Lola Pink says:

    I love the bed ,and the pie looks yummie.

  3. lillyluvie says:

    Awesome items! :D I like the bed and the dress. *Luv from LillyLuvie*

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