Decorate with Very Valentine Rewards!

Very Valentine rewards a selection of fabulous home decor items.

I love these items because they add red and pink pops to my home! Here are a few ways to combine these powerful pink pieces to your pets’ room.

Quilted Hearts

These items from the Quilted Hearts Mystery Capsule keep your home Very Valen-dearing. I’ve added the Boho Wall Lanterns and Ooh La La pink Wallpaper for some bolder vibes. A softer Wallpaper like the Quilted Heart Wallpaper would look lovely here as well.

Big City Pioneer

Darker hues from the Big City Loft theme contrast well with the Very Valentine items and hints of red from the Pioneer theme accentuate the heart-y reds in the rug, bookshelf and place settings. These themes may seem opposing at first but try mixing them together for a rich and rugged look.

Mega Modern Pure of Heart

The Pure of Heart items are a great complement to the Very Valentine rewards. I paired these lovely pink and red pieces with the hushed cool tones from Mega Modern. The whites tie the themes together and there are so many large pieces to fill the room!

Which of these themes is your favorite and what’s your favorite theme to match to Very Valentine?
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  1. aJitterBug says:

    is this for webkinz next only?

  2. Mayzee20 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble placing the new Kinzpost Office Building? The error code “Item cannot be placed” pops up. Is it just mine?

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