Dorothy Lou’s Arcade Tips for Season 3!


Complete your arcade tasks!



There’s lots of challenging arcade tasks in Season 3. So, before the season is over, here’s a list of helpful game-play tips.



Home Before Dark


Your Week 5 goal is to make it to Level 6 in Home Before Dark.


In this game, I like to get through the early levels quickly so I concentrate on building a path to as many doors as possible. Levels 1-3 give you enough time to figure out how the houses connect. For the most connections, work backwards, from the houses to the entrance point.



As you move to higher levels, start to focus on creating paths by clicking as few tiles as possible.


Use the yellow and blue color coding to find the tiles that need to be turned. How can you connect the yellow and blue paths in the most efficient way? Often there’s a single tile you can turn to make it happen!



On higher levels, if the pace feels too quick or if you’re running out of time, focus on the top couple of rows. You’ll notice, once the tiles shuffle down, there’s a moment where time is frozen. Use that frozen-in-time moment to scope out those top two rows. Chances are, you’ll be able to see a clear path that will only require you to change a few tiles. Click those tiles quickly!



Hoppy Little Rocket Ship

Another Week 5 arcade goal is to earn 2000+ points in Hoppy Little Rocket Ship five times.


My first tip is to look ahead. Concentrate on what’s coming and you’ll always be ready to hop on a star or score a bonus.



I also suggest that you only using your boosts in the later part of the game. The start of the game is great for collecting points so take your time. As you move higher the obstacles are trickier and the clouds are a little harder to land and that’s when your boosts will be the most helpful.



Goody Gumdrops


One of your Week 2 tasks is to score 9000+ points in Goody Gumdrops 5 times.


This task was the hardest for me because I’ve never been good at this game. But, after playing it repeatedly, I’ve figured out a couple helpful tips.


The most important thing is to score as many stars as possible. But it is just as important to avoid the obstacles. Obstacles in this game are super damaging. I have even found that, if you’re in a tight spot, it’s better to jump over the obstacle and miss the gumdrops than to jump into the obstacle trying to score.



The next thing you’ll want to watch out for is any landscape that repeats. The architecture of the landscape tends to repeat so, if you’re always messing up the same part, take a second to figure it out. You can get better at landing the platforms by practicing the architecture.



My last tip is to avoid jumping too much. Jumping takes energy. Try to roll through the landscape and only jump when necessary.


Those are my tips for the games I found most challenging. What are some of your tips?





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25 Responses to Dorothy Lou’s Arcade Tips for Season 3!

  1. cowtown2 says:

    usally love the games STRESS LOL i will never get this, i wish you dindt have to get ten thousand or more, or over that is hard, like just two hundred over, wow, stressing, i wish they just added up the games points, to that amount, ill never complete a season, you all that do great job, just a free one, i cant get half way, lol i wish that all the places wasnt blank, i guess its better to not see what i could have won, have a great weekend on webkinz and Happy fathers day to all dads, and thank you all webkinz for all you do, i really enjoy the fun I have on this game we think you all, have a blessed week and weekend, I love classic game so much, but the next is fun, just getting use to things, sorry for the questions allot, I’m glad you help us, and keep things so fun and safe for us all, please be kind and show love to all, stay cool this summer drink plenty of water on these hot days, a great time for indoor play, I’m on my way webkinz.

  2. dmtig says:

    Home Before Dark was a Favorite on Classic but I HATE playing it in Next!! Way too many glitches to enjoy it!! From Webbies getting stuck. webbies going to the same house as another & just standing on the doorstep, to just game freezes… every time I try to play…. whether I only send a couple at a time or several at once to houses. It happens at every level. I try to be patient & SOMETIMES it straightends itself out & I can move on but usually I just have to quit the game and start another one. Very frustrating & very Not fun!! With effort, going slow, & several games I was able to complete the “get to level 6″ challenge… just wasn’t any fun… Please fix this game Ganz so it is enjoyable again!!!!

  3. 11auntie says:

    Your hints look great for people who already know the basics, but I need something more basic! What, besides bees, should be avoided? Are the green square things bad? What are other obstacles? How do you roll and still climb? Why would you ever jump into an obstacle? Help! :)

  4. CheekyCat says:

    Is goody gumdrops on next supposed to give 2x less points and kinzcash for the distance compared to on regular webkinz? On reg webkinz, the distance and points usually balance out around 19000 points for me, but the points on webkinz next seem like half of that and kinzcash is awarded incredibly slowly compared to other games.

  5. KSC says:

    Thank you Dorothy Lou! I need all the help I can get when it comes to arcade games.

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