Dorothy Lou’s Botanical Garden

My absolute favorite thing to do in Webkinz Next is build my botanical garden. The colors are so happy and the animation on some of the outdoor features is such fun, especially on a gloomy day. Sometimes I just walk around my garden to say “Hello” to springtime and I wanted to create a virtual version of that experience for you in case you wanted to make a botanical garden too!

Of course, you can always visit my garden if you like but, to add a little of my own commentary (and because I’m super curious to read any gardening tips you may write in the comments), I thought I’d give tour of my beautiful botanical garden. I’ve spent a year building it, so why not share it!

The Front Door


I removed all the plants from the front of my house a while ago so that I could use it as a parking lot. It’s not the brightest or cheeriest part of my garden but it looks neat and organized.

The Pathway

I wanted to set up a path, just like any botanical garden. So, I planted these Garden Spruce Trees to create a walkway. I like the way the trees direct pets through the garden as opposed to my front door/parking lot.
I always seat a pet in the swing right beside the path. It’s so welcoming and happy!
I also have Brilliant Butterscotch Trees all throughout this first part of my garden. They’re so pretty and bright and they dispense a butterscotch candy every day. The candies can be sold at the W Shop for 10 KC each. Such a worthwhile investment.

The Butterscotch Barrier

When I ran out of Spruce Trees, I planted more Brilliant Butterscotch Trees to continue the path. You can see me standing on one side of the barrier, but then on the other side, I’ve planted crops. It used to be an entire plot devoted to crops but at this point I’ve moved almost all of them (and I have SO MANY) to my farm property.
I still have some crops that I need to finish harvesting. But when they’re done, I think I should plant something new. What do you think should go here?

The Pool Palace

I created this nook for the pool I’ve collected. I made sure there were big windows on the walls of the surrounding rooms so that I could get a cool view of the water from inside. I love bringing all my pets here for a sunny pool party. Also, whenever a pet needs exercise, I always know where to bring them!

The Tiny Farm

Here’s my small collection of crops!
I’m still not sure that I’ll harvest them because I do love the way crops look when they’re fully grown.
I used to have more Pink Blossom Trellises guarding these crops but I thought the Brilliant Butterscotch Trees looked a little healthier. Maybe I believe in giving my farm a little shade?

The Shade

I love this little froggy nook. With my Lilypad Pond and a cool slide it’s such a cute retreat for my pets (no one likes a slide that’s been sitting in the sun!).
I’ve used oak trees, my FAVOURITE item in the W Shop, to create a shade gradient on the ground. I use oak trees on all my properties just to create a more intimate outdoor setting.
Sometimes when I’m taking pictures of my pets, I bring them here and sit them on a bench for a relaxing picnic scene.

The Wishing Spot

Here’s a little corner for wishing and wasting time. I love the idea of retreating here, away from all the other pets, just to stop and smell the well water.

Summer Teak Sanctuary

Ok, ok, flowers are fun but let’s face it, there’s nothing like lounging on a lovely day. So, why not invest in the entire Summer Teak room theme for a perfect oasis right at the back of my garden?
I added some boulders here because I thought they gave an even more relaxing vibe to my Summer Teak snooze-pocket. And, I put pieces of Weathered Stone Square Paths down for an elevated pool-deck vibe. The finishing touch? Villa Potted Lemon Trees! Pluck one off the tree and squeeze a little in your water. This is a spa situation!


That’s my entire garden! Got any new ideas? Comment below. I would LOVE to hear about your gardening habits. And if you’d like to visit my garden, visit me at Dorothy_Lou_1.
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  1. flyinghorse3 says:

    This garden is gorgeous! I dont play play Webkinz Next, but I have a beautiful Tulip Garden and a Waterpark in Webkinz Classic.

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