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Hi, peeps!


I can’t believe Webkinz Day is almost here… I’m so excited. 15 years is a long time, and I think that calls for a big, big, BIG celebration!


But I’m not sure what to do. I mean, the big 1-5 only happens once, right? So I decided to wander around Kinzville and see what other people might have in mind to celebrate our 15th Webkinz Day.


I happened to wander past the Adoption Center and bumped into Ms. Birdy.



ELLA: Ms. Birdy! So nice to see you.

MS. BIRDY: And you, my dear. Lovely day, isn’t it?

ELLA: Yes, it is a perfect spring day. I was hoping to ask you a question about Webkinz Day, if you don’t mind.

MS. BIRDY: Go right ahead, Ella.

ELLA: Well, seeing as you’ve been here from the beginning, I was wondering if you were planning anything special for Webkinz Day.

MS. BIRDY: Oh, my, it has been a wonderful time these past years. It’s true that I’ve been here since day one and it’s been a delightful, hectic time with all of the lovely adoptions over the years. To be honest, I’m hoping to have a nice quiet day in… perhaps make a nice meal… and share it with a nice person

ELLA: That sounds great, Ms. Birdy! Do you mind if I ask what’s on the menu?

MS. BIRDY: Well, I was thinking of baking some bread. I haven’t thought much else beyond that, but definitely some fresh-baked bread. I might sit by my pond… perhaps toss some bread in it… see what visitors I might get.

ELLA: Oh, that sounds quite peaceful. You’re right, a celebration doesn’t always have to be loud to be meaningful.

MS. BIRDY: Quite right, my dear. I do hope you have a lovely Webkinz Day, as well.

ELLA: Thanks, Ms. Birdy, I will!



I started walking towards the Kinzville Park, hoping to run into one of the ‘Kinz, and I wasn’t disappointed! I soon ran into Stoogles!


ELLA: So nice to see you, Stoogles!

STOOGLES: Howdy, Ella! What’s going on?

ELLA: Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I think you know what day is coming up soon.

STOOGLES: Well, of course I do! Webkinz Day is only the best day of the year. I kind of see it as my birthday, too.

ELLA: Well, happy early birthday, Stoogles! What do you have planned for the day?

STOOGLES: I’m definitely going to hang out with the rest of the ‘Kinz… especially Salley Cat, my best friend! I love spending time with them even on a regular day, but on special occasions, it’s even better.

ELLA: That’s true. It’s always nice to spend time with friends. Ms. Birdy was going to spend a quiet day at home, but I like the idea of hanging out with friends. Were you meeting them at the park or at someone’s house?

STOOGLES: Well, I think we’re all going to meet up at Roberta’s house first, then head to the Kinzville Park. I’m hoping there will be fireworks.

ELLA: I hope so, too! That sounds amazing. Thanks, Stoogles.

STOOGLES: See ya, Ella!

After I left Stoogles, I took a nice long walk through the Magical Forest. I guess I wasn’t really surprised when I ran into Alyssa!

Alyssa from Webkinz World

ELLA: Oh, hi, Alyssa!

ALYSSA: It’s nice to see you, Ella. It’s been a while.

ELLA: Yeah, I’m sorry, Alyssa. I don’t make it out to the Magical Forest nearly enough. It’s such a beautiful walk, too.

ALYSSA: It is my favorite place to be.

ELLA: I can understand why! Alyssa, I wanted to ask you… do you have any plans for Webkinz Day?

ALYSSA: Oh, Webkinz Day, yes, I definitely have plans… but I’m afraid I can’t share them with you.

ELLA: Oh… ok. Why is that?

ALYSSA: Let’s just say I have some magic planned. I like to celebrate holidays by doing special things for other people…. without them even knowing it was me.

ELLA: I understand, Alyssa. I hope to see you soon!

ALYSSA: I’m sure you will, Ella.

So, I guess those are my choices…. spend it at home, with maybe a visitor or two, get together with a bunch of friends to celebrate, or spend it doing special things for other people. I’m really not sure what I want to do. What do you suggest? What are you planning to do to celebrate Webkinz Day? I’ve got so much to think about.

Until next time, it’s been real!


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  1. jellybellybeanie says:

    Can’t wait! I still have a Year 4 trophy in my trophy room from 11 years ago. I still and always will love Webkinz <3

  2. PupKid008 says:

    I wonder what Alyssa is going to do….

  3. megamom12 says:

    I’m actually looking forward to Year 20!!!!

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