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How is everyone? I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about Summer Sensation! Even though the solstice is the week before, it just doesn’t feel like summer truly begins until after our Summer Sensation celebration. This year, I’ve got the whole day planned!


I called up all of my Kinzville friends and asked them to meet me at the Kinzville Park for a BBQ and some fun time playing on the equipment. (Yes, I still love to play on the swingsets! I’m young at heart.)



Of course, I just have to have the perfect menu for the perfect Summer Sensation party! Here’s what I’m thinking:


For drinks, I’ll be serving some refreshing Beach Sunrise Frappes!

For the main meal, I wanted to go tropical, so I’ll be serving up some tasty Floridisas!

No summer BBQ is complete without S’Mores, so that’s going to be my dessert!

Yum, I’m hungry already… I better invite Sally Webkinz, too, since I’m sure she’d love this menu. Last but not least, I’ve got the perfect outfit picked out for my party!



I’ll be wearing the Smocked Sundress with a Sunny Summer Hat and Ruffled Summer Sun Sandals!


And that’s that… I’m all prepared to celebrate Summer Sensation on June 28! What would you serve at a Summer Sensation party and what would you wear? Tell me in the comments below!


Until next time, it’s been real!



25 Responses to Ella’s Blog

  1. hwjjj says:

    I want to come

  2. Lillyiber says:

    This should be for everyone to enjoy!

  3. DJFox says:

    I just need a vacation… awesome blog, Ella!

  4. zeny456 says:

    I would drink the Wild Kiwi Sunset from the blender recipe book, I would eat the Piggies in a Blanket, and for desert I would go over to Mr. Moo’s ice cream stand and get the cotton candy ice cream (my favorite). I would eat at a picnic bench near the garbage and the playground. I would also be wearing the Fresh Spring Hat, the Garden Dress, and of course, the white bow flats. Can’t wait till June 28th! It was super fun making this list!

  5. pinkiecupcake says:

    I think the only thing that’s missing are some side dishes. Maybe a tasty fruit salad, some potato chips or deluxe nachos, baked beans, and Webkinz crackers. :d

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