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Heya, peeps, I’m back! While summer is still burning bright, I can’t help but start to think about September… the cooling weather, the leaves changing color… and school!


The Super School Giveaway starts in a few days, and you’ll be getting some really cool stuff every day that you log in. I thought it would be a good time to get ready, so I started designing my perfect dorm room!



As you can see, I sorta went with a purple theme here. What do you think? I wanted to have a single occupant room so I could concentrate on my studies, and I wanted it to be functional AND cute. What do you guys think?


I decided to ask the good folks around Kinzville what advice they might have for students going back to school, and this is what they had to say:



Ella: Hey, Ms. Cowoline! Thanks for letting me interview you. I wanted to ask what advice you had for students heading to the Kinzville Academy.


Ms. Cowoline: It’s my pleasure, Ella. I’m always happy to help my little students out. The most important thing, more than anything, is to understand that everything takes time, practice and persistence. While some students may be naturally talented at some things, it may take a bit more work to improve in other areas. There’s nothing wrong with that — failure is just a stepping stone on the road to success!


Ella: Thanks, Ms. Cowoline! I’ll keep that in mind the next time I try the Agility class. I’m just no good at hurdles!


Ella: Hi, Salley! It’s nice to see you again. Are you ready for school to start up again?


Salley: Oh, yes… I can’t wait! I’ve got big plans for this year — I’m running for student council president again!


Ella: That’s great! How are you preparing for school?


Salley: Well, for starters, I’m working on my summer reading list so I don’t fall behind. And I’ve been doing a lot of independent studying on things I find interesting — it doesn’t feel like work when it’s stuff you like!


Ella: That’s a good point, Salley — thanks for the advice!



Ella: Hi, Cowabelle! I thought you might have an interesting point of view when it comes to getting ready for school!


Cowabelle: Oh, you’re so right, Ella! It can be hard to be the daughter of the school superintendent, but my mom’s pretty good about letting me have enough free time to do the things I love… even if that’s nothing! Since I haven’t had any mayoral duties, I’ve been making sure I get plenty of rest — I want to make sure I have all the energy I’ll need for another good school year.


Ella: That sounds very relaxing, Cowabelle. I could go for a nap, myself! Thanks for the advice… I think I just might do that right now.



And there you have it, peeps… What’s your best advice for students getting ready to go back to school? I think I’ll take Cowabelle’s advice and go for a nice snooze to rest up… and maybe I’ll read a book after.


Until next time, it’s been real!



22 Responses to Ella’s Blog

  1. PeytonCR says:

    Wow!! That’s crazy!! I’ve been doing the same for my webkinz. I”m almost done with my webkinz’ dorm room ; I wish I could share it. I will be announcing my color scheme later on. It’s a surprise. Mine last year was many colors. Love yours, Emma!!! I also have something to say that’s kind of a question. I HAD SOME LAPTOPS FROM LAST YEARS GIVEAWAY THAT WHERE IN MY ROOM. TWO MONTHS AFTER THEY JUST DISEAPEARED OUT OF MY ROOM. REASON??

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    Whoa Ella! Way to rock a small room! Purple is my favorite color too, so I’d be happy in a dorm room like this. I like how you mixed pieces from all over (like in a real life room!) I love that bed and cork board from the sweet 16 theme. I have the animated microwave and makeup bag too (were they prizes from past challenges?) The superstar poster from the pop star theme is perfect for you! (IS that you?? Or maybe a relative??) I love the lavender kitchen counters. In my opinion, the wshop should carry an entire line of kitchen appliances to go with them! The blue ruffle rug from the estore looks so soft and comfy. I don’t know where the bean bag, cool wall mirror, purple toy box, neutral flooring, and purple trash can come from. The rainbow wallpaper (also from a challenge?) adds a cheery pop of color, and the beach house clock ties together the blue from the rug and the desk chair. Nicely designed room on a modest budget. As for back-to-school advice, get on a good sleep/wake schedule at least a week before you have to start school. All these lazy summer days can really make it tough to get up on time to get the bus!

  3. Katz1259 says:

    My suggestion is this: If you are struggling with something, don’t be afraid to ask for help… before you feel overwhelmed.

  4. KSC says:

    Hi Ella! Thanks for another great article! I love your dorm room, especially the colors you chose.

  5. julieperkins says:

    I love your room Ella!

  6. Eilish says:

    My suggestion for going back to school is to be sure to include “new” kids in your groups of friends. Being a newcomer can be tough, ‘specially if the new student is shy. Reach out and include them at your lunch table, recess games, and introduce them to your “old” friends.

  7. IndigoZap says:

    I LOVE YOUR DORM!!!! where’s that bed from!?!?

  8. megamom12 says:

    That and proper eating habits and you’ve got it made. By the way, I love your Dorm Room. The bed/desk combination is such a wonderful space saving idea.

  9. DogsCats101 says:

    Your dorm room is so cute!

  10. choover143 says:

    Best dorm room ever!

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