Fall Fest Soda Still Available


Webkinz Fall Fest may be over but
2018 Fall Fest Soda is still available!

Bottles of 2018 Fall Fest Soda are still available at the Ganz eStore and at the W-Shop for eStore Points. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the W-Shop until November 11th, 2018!


Feed the fizzy 2018 Fall Fest Soda to your pet for a taste of fall and a chance to win a prize! It’s a refreshing way to celebrate the fall festival!



Every time you feed your pet a bottle of 2018 Fall Fest Soda you’ll win one of the following prizes, including the Grand Prize: A Fall Log Hideaway!



You may find this and much more at eStore!


41 Responses to Fall Fest Soda Still Available

  1. Ellen1970 says:

    I got a FOX. It is really small but cute. Wish I could set it on a chair or sofa rather then just the floor as it is so tiny.

  2. megamom12 says:

    So, I picked up a pack of the soda hoping for some more seeds….I won not one but 2 of the Grand Prizes…..go figure! At least they are postable so that I was able to send the second one to my second account which is not a Deluxe one.

  3. Cinderrocks says:

    It’s kind of expensive for these prizes

  4. acoolaunt says:

    You know, I would buy some of these if there were only new prizes in it. I got two free packs when the spend promo was on in estore, and out of the 12 bottles, 9 were last years prizes, and only 3 were new. Who wants to pay for something where the odds of getting last years prizes are so much higher than this years?There had to be a huge drop in sales.

  5. megamom12 says:

    If anyone has any seeds that they don’t want, my garden and my orchard both have room for them!!! :D

  6. furball987456 says:

    Does anyone by chance have any extra peach, maple or candy apple seeds or maybe even the plushie? I unfortunately only got river pieces and the golden apple seeds from the sodas, my username is midnight987456

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