Fan Mail with Fiona #115

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).






What happened to the Very Pretty Vanity of the Pretty in Pink Theme at the W Shop? It is the last item I need to complete this theme and it has been missing from the W Shop since at least early April, which is when I first purchased any items from this theme. I would really like to finish my pet’s theme. – Kelcy23





Thanks for your question, Kelcy23! The Pretty in Pink theme took a little unexpected vacation from the W Shop, but it’s back now. If you look for the Pretty in Pink theme, you’ll find the Very Pretty Vanity on the second page of the theme. Hope that helps!






Hello Fiona, I have a question regarding pet requests…more specifically the showers. When my pet requests a bath, I have tried to use the assorted showers for them to no success. I do get heart, energy and happiness points, but it does not count towards my pet’s request for a bath. Putting a bathtub in some of my shower rooms messes with the flow. Or, I have to go hunt for a bathing room. So, I am asking: Is this a quirk with the system, or do we need to specifically use bathtubs when pet’s request a bath? – Percaroma




Good question, Percaroma. When pet requests were first added, showers did not give you any Family Score boost at all. When a pet asks for a bath, you have to fulfill that request with a bath — a shower just won’t do. Though showers now give your pets a boost, they’re still different from a bath — otherwise you wouldn’t get a boost from giving your pet a bath and a shower in the same day. (Personally, I like to bathe, then shower — extra clean and double the Family Score!)






Dear Fiona, do you think there will be any new recipes made for farm fresh vegetables or the countryside vegetables? I’d really like to be able to make things like tossed salads or more types of sandwiches using those vegetables. There don’t seem to be many recipes that involve them. – ringneck1






Hi, ringneck1! I have a feeling that you might see more Farm Fresh foods and recipes coming up real soon. Stay tuned!




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71 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #115

  1. Monstermaster13 says:

    There should be a way to send medallion packs.

  2. catlady8 says:

    Dear Fiona hi I was looking in Ganz and noticed that there are no plush pets there all sold out! can you maybe add them back please?

  3. ImagineKinz7 says:

    Hello Fiona! I have a question about the categorization of Webkinz pets and Webkinz pets in general- since it appears the Kinzapedia isn’t being updated anymore, is there an official list of all Webkinz? One that would include what category each pet would be in? Like, for example, whether a pet is seasonal, or “undersea”, or “fantastic”? Thank you!

  4. Trader101 says:

    Hey Fiona! Is there anyway we could store party packs in our rooms? Maybe there could be a cool party pack storage surprise chest? Thanks!

  5. S1R3NA says:

    Hey, I’ve been a member since December 25, 2008, topping at 54 pets (4 virtual & 50 plush), I took a really long break at one point and when I came back I realized you don’t make any more Webkinz plushes! You’ve probably been asked it before but I couldn’t find any but are you planning on making more plushes? Those were my favorite part of Webkinz! I still have all of my plushes to this day!

  6. Tomaycia says:

    ok i know that i keep asking this but i am still lost . how can i trade medallions that i have received for other pets so that i can get the clear buttery webkinz ? and also what games will give me pet medallions ? and can i buy the clear butterfly ?

    • gbjockey says:

      1. Next to the pet should be an exchange center where you can trade 10 pet medallions for an any pet medallion, or exchange an any pet medallion for a pet medallion of your choice. 2. You can get pet medallions from any game EXCEPT the Deluxe wheel, Jumbleberry fields, Goober’s atomic adventure, and Wishing Well 2. To get medallions from the wheel of wow, you have to land on a specific spot, and to get them from SPREE you have to save up 500 mall credits and spend them on the pet medallion 5 pack. 3. You can’t currently get the Diamond Dragonfly or the Rainbow Googles, they are pet medallions exclusives. I hope these help! :)

    • MorganMacy says:

      Same! I agree with Tomaycia!

  7. cakis says:

    Hi Fiona! I am sure some has already pointed this out but does Murkiibuns in the new vegetable recipe book have the wrong recipe written out under it? –cakis

  8. itmustbenice says:

    I am going to buy the cottage & lily pads, BUT are you going to have the water border AND floor to finish the room. Thanks

  9. pnellly5 says:

    I have a single candy cane in the “special items” section of my doc, I was wondering what it is for? I was hoping to remove the item but it cannot be sold, placed in a room, or fed to my pet. Is their anyway to remove this item? If not, could it be placed in a “Couponer’s Chest of Drawers” from the Ganz eStore? Thanks Fiona!

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