Fan Mail with Fiona #38

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here!



Hey Fiona, when will the invite feature on my kinzchat phone be fixed? I tried it on some of my friends who had the green smiley face and the invite button didn’t appear. I will be pleased if Ganz will be able to repair that for sure! - Milkyrose4362 


It’s always nice to have a pal come around and visit for a spot, isn’t it? Nothing like taking them on a tour or playing a game of Checkers from the comforts of home. The team is definitely hard at work to bring that feature back to Webkinz World! You’ll have to stay tuned to Webkinz Newz — announcements will definitely make front page news!





Dear Fiona, Now when new members sign up they get a free pet. What about us older Webkinz members that never got a free pet? Are there any plans to give us older webkinz members a pet? We have stuck around webkinz for years and never got a free pet. Thanks for reading my question! -swimbryan



Thanks for writing! While it’s true that new members get a free pet, they are still very limited in what they can do in Webkinz World and must still purchase a Deluxe Membership or adopt a pet to get full access. There have been free pets given to everyone over the years — last year’s Decade Dragon, for one! — and you always have the option to create a new account if you like one of the free pets available.






Dear Fiona, Will Quizzy’s ever be on mobile? I think that would be so cool! Thanks! – Picia


Who doesn’t love Quizzy? So many questions, so many answers… I think Quizzy’s Question Corner is my favorite place in all of Webkinz World! Our technical wizards are working on adding all kinds of stuff to the mobile site — one day, there won’t be much difference at all between the mobile and browser versions of Webkinz World! I am definitely looking forward to answering my daily trivia questions on the go!





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100 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #38

  1. tinygma says:

    I sometmes get asked to do 20 questions several times a day. I have 100 pets this is for Pet Care. I am going to RUN OUT OF QUESTIONS at this rate !!! What happens when there are NO MORE QUESTIONS to ask ??? As for starting a different account to get a free pet ad the adding a paid for pet I’ts well worth it to get rooms done faster ;) !!!

    • Twizi says:

      I actually had two accounts in 2009 when I started, one had LOTS of pets on it (about seventy), but I really wanted a Cloud Sheep, so I made a new account (Twizi), and it became my main account :)

    • Elessar says:

      On one of my accounts, I have run out of Quizzy Questions but I still get Pet Requests to answer 17+ questions. I guess these Pet Requests are more for the Deluxe members which apparently have unlimited number of questions (but even with unlimited questions, it’s very time-consuming having to answer so many!!!). So that I don’t take the hit on the Happiness meter, I ‘x’ out and log back in again. It’s definitely ANNOYING.

  2. Milkyrose4362 says:

    Thxx Fiona! Let us all promote a toast to the greatest future of Ganz!

  3. ldiotbox says:

    When will kinzpost and notifications be added to mobile?

    • Twizi says:

      I would love that….Things I want in the mobile app: Quizzy’s, A LOT more arcade games, the option to sell items, kinzchat, kinzchat+, friends list (for inviting), both Clubhouses, KInzville Park, Adventure Park, KinzPost, notifications, so basically everything in Webkinz World. Geez, this app is going to be huge…

  4. piggy6 says:

    Thanks Fiona!

  5. MiaStella789 says:

    Awesome answers Fiona.. I also thought the mobile site was becoming like the regular site! It will be nice when things are fixed too. Good luck Webkinz Team. I know your working hard on all of it..

  6. snowythingy says:


  7. FennecFox says:

    Awesome questions! Yeah, i kinda miss inviting my friends to my house. But thanks, Webkinz team, for all your hard work in fixing these problems! :D

    • TaffyKitty12 says:

      Me too, Fennec! I miss inviting my friends over…. But hey, I really appreciate Webkinz working on the problem :)

    • SignatureIsland says:

      Good questions!!! More than once I’ve wanted to invite my friends over to my house… anywho, they said they were working on it!

      • SignatureIsland says:

        Dear Fiona, will Ganz be releasing a new line of Webkinz pets soon? Maybe you have the inside scoop? Thanks!

        • Twizi says:

          I kind of wish they’d make more Delightz Pets, I have the Icecream Pup, Donut Pup, Lollipop Pup, Cupcake Pup, Candy Pup, Chocolate Pup, and I only need one more…I LOVE the Delightz pets! But if they continue the line, I’d like them to make cats too :)

          • TaffyKitty12 says:

            Same here, Twizi! I miss the Delightz line… I wish they added some more.. I think it would’ve been great if they added an Icepop pup, Brownie pup, Cake pup, Cookie pup and a Mint pup…. I hope they start back the Delightz line again and add some new puppies! Oh, and that’s a great idea! I’d love some Delightz cats!!! :D Seriously. That needs to happen.

          • FennecFox says:

            Oh yes, Taffy! And to celebrate, we could have… this!: *lugs in a 15-layer Red velvet cake, topped with cream-cheese frosting* yummyy XD

    • Twizi says:

      …*sigh*…Inviting my friends never worked for me…Me and my bff would sit around for hours just trying to make the invite work…Even if we were in the same color zone and all that, it took forever to work. And then it threw us both out of Webkinz World all the time. We only ever got to visit each other about 3 times out of the 2 years I knew her on Webkinz and AW :/

    • RosyFox says:

      Same here; I really miss being able to invite my friends over to my house…and I also really want to invite each of you guys over for play dates! I hope that it’ll be fixed before we know it. :) Thanks for all of your hard work, Webkinz Team! We love you guys!

  8. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    I hope that day that Webkinz Mobile is nearly the same as comes soon! I really want the kinzville park KCPlus on mobile. That would be awesome! I’m excited for the Kinz Chat inviting to be fixed too. I really hope that will come soon. Also, I do remember that Ganz gave a free bunny for the Hop movie, and last year they gave away the Decade Dragon. That was so cool! I’n not sure if they gave away other pets, but I wasn’t here since Webkinz started.

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Congrats to those who had their questions featured! :) This was a great round of fan mail! It’s good to here that the “invite friends” feature will be up and going eventually! And for the free pet thing… I never got one on my first account since that was back in 2007… And I got to say, the free pets they have nowdays for signing up are really cool….. But it’s okay. :) And lastly, whoa… That sounds awesome!!! I wonder if the kinzville park would ever be available on mobile… I know that sounds like a stretch, and I’m sure it would be tough to put on mobile, but, it would be pretty cool….

  10. pigsjump says:

    I’m with you… why don’t older players get something special

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