Fan Mail with Fiona #47

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here!




Hi there Fiona! I have a question, the webkinz I have is a big kinz seal and he has a red code on it that was for the Webkinz Foundation program, so if you went to the code shop and clicked on the heart, you’d get a prize. If I were to use that code in the regular code shop, would anything happen…, like would I get a prize? Hope to see your reply soon! ^^ ~ iCarlyKitty


Hi, there iCarlyKitty! If you unlock the Feature Code that came with your pet, you will definitely receive a prize. Unfortunately, the Webkinz Cares button is no longer available, so you won’t be able to get additional prizes that way.




Hi, Fiona–Happy October! There have been a lot of new pets recently, and I’m wondering…will we be seeing more “how to draw” videos with Marizio? I always enjoy those, and I’d love to see him draw some of the newer pets. – ImaPepper


And Happy October to you, as well! I will be sure to pass on the request — with any luck, we’ll see some soon. Do you have any specific requests?




Fiona- I know that there are plush pets like the Signature Timber Wolf that are super rare and/or really hard to get your hands on. However, I’ve noticed that whenever Ganz does a thing where they give away/sell a super rare pet (as like a one day thing), it’s been an eStore pet. Would Ganz ever make it a plush pet instead and then do like a give away/sell it on eStore? Thanks- notwen1.


Thanks for writing, notwen1! There are occasionally contests for rare plush pets, but so far there haven’t been any “one day sales” for an exclusive plush. While nothing is impossible, you’re definitely more likely to see special promotions for virtual pets rather than plush — the closest you’ll find are eStore-only plush pets, like the Misty Koala.








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73 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #47

  1. kiwikat says:

    Hi Fiona, I really dont know where to ask a question about what happens when I make a party and nothing is happening on that day??? I went into the forum but there are other topics going and I dont know how or where to click to ask my question??? I sent out 8 invites yesterday and I didnt receive one in the mail. I went to my room where I opened the party pack and it’s not showing “go to party” so what’s happened?? tnt3636 :(

  2. CaroleF says:

    Hi Fiona, Always nice to have you answer our questions, you are so helpful! Something I was wondering… do you think the Ghost Pirate wanders away from his ship at times? Sometimes when I am in the Park there’s no one else around but a swing is moving! Maybe it’s the Ghost Pirate out for some fun!

  3. LadyBeauty says:

    Dear Fiona, In May, a Magic W Pajama Set was introduced for Customers Appreciation Day at the Ganz E-Store, with the first piece being the pacifier. I haven’t heard anything more about it and was able to get the Night Cap when making a trade in the Trading Room. Have any more pieces to this set been given away? I keep looking for information on it in Webkinz News, but see or hear nothing. I don’t want to miss any more pieces to this set. Can you please tell me what pieces have already been released and when the release day/ Customer Appreciation day is for the remaining piece? Thank-you, I would greatly appreciate it. ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

  4. 50ishwebbies says:

    Hello Fiona Feathers, I rather enjoy sending friends notes and gifts; Would it be possible to get additional/new Stationary and Stickers and Wrapping Paper at the KinzPost? Thank you so much for checking into this ~ 50ish

  5. 50ishwebbies says:

    Hi Fiona, Is it possible to have a conference with the Family Score Department and see about issuing some serious Family Score points for Graduating a pet? My friends and I have worked smart and long at the Academy, and feel there needs to be a Graduation tie-in with Family Score points. Thank you so much for whatever you can do to assist in this!

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