Fan Mail with Fiona #48

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here!




Hi Fiona, Are you in touch with Dr. Quack since his retirement? How is he doing? Besides rare appearances at the Employment Office and the game of Supermodelz; Will he ever visit us (for a special event) in Kinzville again? Thank you so much! – 50ish


Funny you should ask that, 50ishwebbies! In fact, I have heard from Dr. Quack recently. And as much as he enjoys his retirement, he’s planning to visit Kinzville very, very soon! Keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz for all the details.




hi fiona, i wish you could leave a message on accounts when we do the peekanezcontest.i have no ide what prize i get and it wont show in ne items .Please can we have a message like we did before – luvnpet


Hi, luvnpet! I can definitely see how frustrating it would be to not know what you’ve won. I hear that there will be a new system starting in January… you’ll be getting a gift box from the Peek-A-Newz instead —  you’ll get a random prize when you open the gift box, but it will show you right away what you’ve won. Doesn’t that sound great?




Fiona, why is that Ganz is featuring extra pets each month? Like the Bull Terrier this month. It’s taking away from the features of the POTM. POTM still gets you the gift box (if you adopt the pet during the month), but there are way less daily activities. Right now, the Bull Terrier has a daily bonus event, but I’ve only seen one (on Sunday) for the Black Panther. To me, it kind of devalues the POTM. – Cherrycheesecake


Thank you for your question, Cherrycheesecake. While it may seem that the Pet of the Month pet has fewer events, their schedule hasn’t actually changed. They get at least one event each weekday and at least two each day on the weekend. And, as you mentioned, adopting the Pet of the Month during its featured month gets you a Pet of the Month loot bag, which was recently updated to let you pick your own prize. Other pets have been periodically featured… sometimes for a few days (like the Berry Cheeky Monkey during Berry Festival), or for an entire month (like the Misty Koala and Bull Terrier). Not every month will have additional featured pets, and they will never take away the events already scheduled for the current Pet of the Month — they are meant to be an added bonus to celebrate certain pets.








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  1. kinzwars says:

    Please consider making all trophies storable in a storage container. Right now some are while others are not. At least make a trophy storage container like you did for wall paper!! Thanks, J.

  2. kaye10 says:

    Hi Fiona! Here are a couple for you–you can choose, or REALLY make my day & answer my question”S!!” 1. I answered ALL the questions at Quizzy’s long ago, so when my pet asks for that, it COSTS me kinzcash–can you have this fixed please? 2. Time was, I often got recognition as “Overall High Score Achieved” at Quizzy’s–CAN YOU BRING THAT BACK PLEASE–WAS SO NICE!!!!! 3. Big problem currently with Party Packs–causing all manner of glitches, missing items, etc.–just needs some attention, please & thank you! 4. YOU WILL BE MY HERO IF YOU CAN HELP WITH THIS ONE: I won the Morgan Fairy buddy long ago in the Family Score thing…However, I have been unable to locate him for about the same time–not sure which pet he got attached to, & have no way to figure it out. Have asked assistance from Customer Service & even they have proven unhelpful. CERTAINLY THIS ISSUE IS NOT BIGGER THAN GANZ ITSELF–WON’T YOU HELP ME PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Someone should be able to “see” EVERYTHING ON MY ACCOUNT AND FIND MORGAN FOR ME, RIGHT? I’m sure you must see it my way (hope, fingers crossed, etc. etc.) Okay–I will give you a break and not add to my list (for now ;) THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR READING, AND PLEASE CHOOSE MY LETTER–I NEED ANSWERS!!!!! k.

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