Fan Mail with Fiona #54

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you!




Dear Fiona, How do i know when my silver membership expires? By silver i mean the membership you get when you adopt a pet.-Bubbles3231




Hi, Bubbles3231! If you want to know when your current membership expires (whether that’s a Full member or a Deluxe member), just click on the My Pets “paw” button in your dock. At the top left, it will tell you the date your membership expires. Hope that helps!





Where can I find the recipes for the apples harvested from trees we won this summer? Thanks – itmustbenice




Those recipes sure are yummy! You can find them here: Farm Fresh Apple Recipes. In future, you can always click on Newz Blog and then search using keywords — you can find all kinds of useful information in our archives!




Hi Fiona, When I play Bingoz it shows that use can use Bingoz coupons for an extra roll. Where so we got those? – Duckcall




Great question, Duckcall! There are coupons that you can get for Wacky Bingoz. They used to be given out through Feature Codes from Trading Cards and sometimes on the Today’s Activities page. Keep your eyes open, since you just might see them again soon!









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74 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #54

  1. bianca1015 says:

    hi fiona

  2. LuckyTheBeagle says:

    Dear Fiona! Me and my friend Taffy were chatting in the Kinzville Park, when we came up with an idea. What if, when you click on the campfire, a Toasted Marshmallow or a Cooked Hotdog would automatically go in your dock? Do you think that could happen? It could be a daily thing, and also, it would be perfect, since the summer season is approaching! Please consider our idea. Thanks Fiona! :D

  3. charcare says:

    Dear Fiona, My concern with the Estore is how quickly room themes sometimes come and go. I just start to collect some furniture and it is no longer there. Examples are the Blue Marine, the Burrow and also the purple room. Was it called Darling? The other concern is after a theme has been around awhile, you can get some items but not all of them originally offered. Example is Hockey Socks – the living room chairs are no longer offered. Being a kid, money is short. I have to save up or make some sort of deal with my grandmother. The result is it takes me some time to obtain the pieces I want. Thank you for hearing me out. I love Webkinz.

  4. bubbashuka says:

    Dear Fiona, I entered some pictures in for the share center 2 or 3 days ago and got an e-mail saying they will send an email after they review it and when when it gets posted, but I haven’t gotten another yet. How long does it usually take to get it posted? -bubbashuka

  5. foxmillionair says:

    Dear Fiona why can’t you make it so you can sell and trade all items I have a room full of ones that I don’t want in my house

  6. AUNT09 says:

    Bonjour Fiona. i was making breakfast and got another idea about maybe we could get a cinnamon toast dispensary ? i have the self-serve salad dispensary, it would be nice if webkinz could come out with a salad dressing dispensary. Thank You

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