Fan Mail with Fiona #79

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).




Hi Fiona! After a few years of stepping away from Webkinz, I’ve come back to continue adding to my Webkinz World family, and also my plush collection! Problem is, I can’t seem to find any stores around me that still sell Webkinz. Many of the stores I used to buy them at have either closed or stopped carrying them. Bummer! Aside from online shopping, is there any place I can go that might carry Webkinz plush pets? ~ EverEverOn



Welcome back, EverEverOn! Your best bet is still your local Hallmark (you may even want to let them know that you’re looking for Webkinz pets). Some people find them in Five Below, and you may even find a stash in your local dollar store. As for online shopping, you can also find the newest plush available at Ganz eStore, and occasionally other plush pets are available, as well. Good luck!
Dear Fiona, is there any other way to get the deluxe pink Pouffy coat in the kinzstyle outlet? I thought about trading for it but I can’t say Pouffy so I’m not sure how to tell people that’s what I’m looking for. I can’t buy it because I’m not deluxe. Any other way to get it? Any ideas how to tell people that’s what I’m looking for?? - Karahjoy6



The Trading Room can be tricky, can’t it! You might have some luck asking for the “New Pink Deluxe Coat” — otherwise, you can also leave a request in our Trading Forum. Hope that helps!




Dear Fiona, I LOVE seeds! Gardening is such a fun part of Webkinz. Will there be any new pets with seeds as their PSI? It has been a long time since one was released with that type of PSI. Also, will there be any new events or challenges where we can earn specialty seeds like there were in the past? - luv2tzus



I love seeds, too, luv2tzus! I’ve passed the request on, so with any luck we’ll see some new seeds popping up. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that the Apple Tree seeds will make another appearance this fall!








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39 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #79

  1. 1granny says:

    Wil Ganz ever fix it where we can feed the Dr. Quack drinks and have them boost our pets like they did at the beginning?

  2. kadielle says:

    Fiona, i just realized that I want/need more CampKinz lake tiles!!! Will the previous bake sale food ingredients available anywhere? Estore? I would certainly buy them!!!

  3. itmustbenice says:

    I wanted to buy some PEACH Pies, but only see it offered 1 at a time. Wondering if they are offered for a set and I’m not finding it at the GANZ STORE? Thanks

  4. behe123 says:

    Hi Fiona! One of my friends bought one pet with 10 000 Deluxe Points and he got just the pet. He asked Ganz what can he do and they don’t respond

  5. Delilahriley10 says:

    Can you deliver gifts and notes fast

  6. cmsrockz1 says:

    I was wondering why the gifts that yo get when adopting a pet and the extra gift you choose has gotten to be less than than things likable. I was very much disappointed cmsrockz

  7. Morninglight says:

    Hi Fiona I can’t seem to reach anyone by phone at the ganz e store they say leave your number they call you back I don’t seem to get a reply . Need Help its so nice when you could call and talk with some one good customer service is much needed like in the past..

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