Sophie’s Garden Tour Day 8: Rides & Slides!


Today is the final day of our Garden Tour and what better way to celebrate Summer Sensation than with a fun, fantastical room full of cool rides and slides and swings and fun things available from Ganz eStore?


There are so many amazing rides and slides to choose from, but this garden features a fairy tale theme. Some of the items included here include the Castle Tower Slide, the Cursed Tree, the Poison Apple Tree Swing, the Grape Garden Trampoline, and the new Spring Hillside. And it is all set against the gorgeous Spring Mountainside Wallpaper & Flooring!



But there are so many more rides and slides and swings and fun things to check out! Visit Ganz eStore to see all the fun interactive items that your pets will love!

24 Responses to Sophie’s Garden Tour Day 8: Rides & Slides!

  1. megamom12 says:

    Thank you for the Garden Tour Sophie! I really enjoyed it!

  2. ebbe9443 says:

    was wondering when you are going to fix the items that are broken when you updated the site – we haven’t received any updates lately

  3. KSC says:

    Thanks for the great tours, Sophie! I enjoyed it very much!

  4. gmatiny says:

    HAUNYED CARNIVAL – Trampoline barrels – I have ASKED for 2 YEARS to get this back and no one does in the E-STORE even when I let them know I need 3 of these slime barrels . WHY can’t they come back ??

  5. RhinokinzW3 says:

    oh, and and if anyone is interested, just tell your user name and ill post any fun rides to anyone who needs. I have plenty to go around and if there is a certain item any of you needs, just ask me and i might have. my user is w3kinz :)

    • fbbdbr says:

      hi! i jut recently started playing again! If its not a bother would you mind sending me anything that you don’t want or use? Thanks a bunch much love, fbbdbr <-(username)

    • granmabear says:

      I’m interested

    • Nate4555 says:

      Very generous of you! I will send a friend request. I am always happy to add a new friend.

    • piggy6 says:

      Hi that is so generous of you! I would love to take you up on that offer!! My user is missmorgan3 and I’m pretty new to webkinz. My friends list is pretty small and I would love to add to it! Speaking of things I am interested in, I’ve always wanted fairy kind cottage, heart bubble fountain, and acorn slide! My friend has those and they look so cool! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it and I will send you a gift in return!

    • kristinephammy says:

      hey im interested :) i only have one pet and it would be cool if i got some cool things for my pet. thanks user:awesomekp

  6. lilicat9 says:

    I don’t buy rides anymore due to the fact that just about all of mine have been broken for several years with seemingly NO interest in anyone going back to fix them.

    • gmatiny says:

      like VACATION ISLAND over a year still broken. I need torches for Halloween rooms. :(

    • duckess1 says:

      I have almost every ride that has come out and at least half of them do not work. Yet they are still selling them and TV’s. Do the new ones work? Are we supposed to try and see what we get? So frustrating having things that do not work. It’s been a LONG time since the switch in Webkinz and I think the things we obviously bought for a reason should be fixed. Nothing has been fixed in long time. I am thankful that the dispensers are giving their stuff even though the actions are not doing any of their animations.

    • ShanTilley says:

      I agree lilicat9. I have so many items that haven’t worked since they introduced Webkinz X. And most are estore items which means I spent real money on them and there seems to be no attempt from Ganz to fix them. Very disappointing.

  7. megamom12 says:

    I love the ride, slides and swings! I don’t have any of these, but I do have several including enough for a water park.

    • RhinokinzW3 says:

      Hi megamom12, i have lots of cool promo rides and slides like blown up slides that are psi and other promo rides that are tradeble that i would be more than happy to post to you any you need. let me know if you are interested. My user name is W3kinz :)

  8. Scorpio says:

    They don’t even look like rides or swings until you look really close, I thought it was part of a castle in the woods, well done Sophie!!

  9. EmilyCuteHeart says:

    This is totally the new pet with a bathing suit to cover its spots

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