Garment Gift Bags Still Available!


If you can’t get enough of Fashion Week, then you’re in luck because the 2019 Garment Gift Bags are still available at Ganz eStore!


Open each Garment Gift Bag for a chance to win either 1 of the 10 Fashion Week clothing or a chance to win the Fashion Designer’s Desk GRAND PRIZE!




The Fashion Designer’s Desk is an extra special Grand Prize because when you click on it, you’ll be able to use the clothing machine, right in your pet’s room (web only).


You may find the Garment Gift Bags and more at Ganz eStore!


36 Responses to Garment Gift Bags Still Available!

  1. garland1357 says:

    Are these still available?

  2. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    This may be asking a lot, but would anyone be willing enough to send me things from the Neo Gothic Theme? I already have the couch, dresser, bookshelf, and toilet. I’m trying to make a really cool room for my pets. I’d really appreciate it! Username: plentyofpenguins

  3. kittens91102 says:

    I hope we get a 5 pkg of these for customer appreciation day , that would be so cool.

  4. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    A bit off topic but is anyone having trouble with the mobile app? It tells me to try again with a wifi or mobile connection when I am connected to a wifi network.

  5. andersonja says:

    Did anyone get a lot of the jean shorts from fashion week? I only got 3. If someone would like to send me a couple that would be great :) my username is jba2017

  6. Princesslauren23 says:

    I wish the other items in the garment bags other than the grand prize weren’t items we can get for free otherwise. In my opinion its not worth the gamble & waste of points :/

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