Get a Sweet Watermelon Jelly in the Park!

Ella McWoof
Another Candy Tree? The Munchkins tell me they’re making progress in their quest to find out who is planting candy trees in the Park. A pet has appeared inside a Monstrous Cave in the cave at the Clubhouse! Remember – every time you click on the Monstrous Cave you get a free candy tile that you can place in your pets’ room!


For now though, it’s awesome that we can visit the Park and get a free Sweet Watermelon Jelly!


The Sweet Watermelon Jelly Tree is another one of the awesome Candy Trees that are available at Ganz eStore. When you plant them at your pets’ home, Candy Trees give out a free candy every day!

10 Responses to Get a Sweet Watermelon Jelly in the Park!

  1. Gramkins says:

    Thank you so much for arranging the cave game so if a lot of pets are also there at the same time, all a pet has to do is get as close as you can and you are given the tile. Thank you !

  2. machaela says:

    Thanks – I will try.

  3. Brainstew42 says:

    Today when I went to get my candy I couldn’t click on the tree? Whenever I try to click on it for candy my pet walks on top of it…

  4. machaela says:

    I would like to feed the park candy to my pets to complete the challenge, but when the where’s wacky icon appeared my challenge vanished! Anyone else having this problem? Is there any way to retrieve it?

  5. kat6401 says:

    It’s The weremonster….but i think it’s a sweet monster..that gives away candy treats!

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